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Classic Rugged Stream Thermometer

Great for fresh or saltwater fishing. Flat black metal for non-glare protection; clips to any pocket. Fahrenheit and Celsius. $8.95   



Hardy Floatant - Hardy floatant liquid gives dry flies superior buoyancy and minimizes surface slick while not clogging the hackles. Discontinued. Very Low Stock. Price $11.95  


No knots or toothpicks! Reusable and easily Adjustable! Tough Durable Foam. Installs without removing terminal tackle. Capsule-shaped.
Small $4.95   
Large $4.95   

Includes two leaders with strike indicators. Trim one for use with small and leave the other for large heavy flies. More sensitive than cork, foam, putty, or plastic indicators. Get your fly down into the strike zone fast. Multi-colored for all light conditions. Butt end looped for easy connection! Instructions included.
(includes two in per package) $6.95  


It's time to get the lead out - lead poising as a result of fishing tackle has been documented in 25 species of birds; in New England states alone, studies have found that a full 50 percent of recorded loon deaths on some lakes occur as a result of the ingestion of fishing lead products. There are alternatives that - when ingested by waterfowl or raptors - will not harm these birds, thus eliminating their needless deaths or illness.

Hardy Sinkant
Hardy sinkant, performance liquid to get your fly down fast! Price $9.95   

Dinsmore Non-Toxic Egg Split Shot
Egg-shaped, non-toxic (no-lead) shot that is easy to hold, position, and crimp on leaders. Available in sizes to help everything from a midge to a streamer get to the bottom fast. Perfect for freestone nymphing, many top guides first and last choice for shot.

Dinsmore comes in a convenient, easy-to-hold dispenser with five compartments that can be dialed, and there is a retaining area in lid to reduce loss. Dinsmore shot selector with 5 sizes (#4 thru AAA) $9.50   

Dinsmore Mirco Split Shot  Dinsmore shot selector for spring creeks and still waters. 4 sizes (#10-4)  $6.50   

BOSS TIN Non-Toxic OVAL Split Shot
Our fisheries are facing greater pressure than ever before as more and more people enjoy the great sport of fishing. Protecting these resources is no longer optional. We must all do our part to preserve fisheries for coming generations. Using non-toxic weights is something we all can do to protect the fragile environment. Boss Tin is a great fish and waterfowl friendly non-toxic shot. Egg-shaped tin. Shot selector with 6 sizes (6 thru SSG) $9.95    


Great for fishing tailwaters, these natural colored camouflaged split shot shaped like sticks and stones are a must have for fish who have seen it all!  Shot selector with 6 sizes (4 thru BB)




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