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Old Time Angler 

  ~ Shot Size Recommendations  ~   

 Game Shot Size Choke Sizing
Duck  BB – 3
Bismuth 4 – 6
Modified for pass shooting
IC for shooting over decoys
Geese  T – 1
Bismuth 4
Pheasants 5 –7 IC for close
 Modified or Full for long field shots
English Pheasants UK 5 – 6 IC for close Modified or Full for higher shots
5 – 8 IC or Modified for general brush work 
Full for more open range shots
Quail 7 – 9 Cylinder, IC, Modified
6 – 9 Modified
Woodcock       7 ½ - 9 Skeet - Modified
Lightweight guns in 20g - .410 are ideal
Turkey BB – 7 ½  Full
Trap 7 ½ - 8 Full or Modified
Skeet    7 ½  - 9 Skeet
Sporting Clays 7 ½ - 9 Dependant on desired practice

No. 6,   No. 5UK
Bbls 28”
IC/ Full
6 ½ lbs  or less
12g /16g most optimal/ 20 –28g
Side by side configuration
Shots out to 40 yards

Chuckar hunting can be physically demanding to get to where the birds are but the rewards are great.
Tip: try to avoid long downhill shots.

Use a carry strap or sling to give yourself an advantage when covering rough terrain.

Pigeon Guns for the game of Helice or ZZ birds – designed to replicate live pigeon shooting.
12 bore
Almost always weigh at least 7 ¼ lbs

First barrels choked anywhere from Cylinder to Full – dependant on the shooters speed. Open chokes for fast shooters, tighter chokes for the slower shot.
Second barrel was tightly choked. Almost no drop in the stock
Bbls 28 - 32”
High flat rib usually complimented with a Jones-style underlever and lovely hammers.

Sand Grouse
No. 7 ½ shot  exp-ss
12g -  20g


Westley Richards Courteney Boots

Seat Sticks & Chairs
New & Vintage sporting furniture

Shooting Accessories
Ties, Playing Cards, Paperweights, Leather Coasters, Coat Racks etc…

Shotgun Ammo (Cartridges)
Holland & Holland, Bismuth, Lyalvale and Westley Richards

Case Accessories
Selvyt Cloths, Cleaning Rods, Fittings & Pouches

Gun Cleaning
Holland & Holland: Rangoon oil, Nevarust, Boxed Patches, etc…

Guides, Dog trainers, Kennels, Information on shoots, etc…

Tip: When walking up game always keep a steady slow line to prevent the birds from running and rising out of range. Never shoot horizontally into a cover, not seeing where a shot will end and injuring another gun is too often a result.

Tip: Remember – it’s your bird only when the bird is coming to you and not anyone else. 45 degrees left or right. Courtesy is best.

Tip: Push safety up with thumb when the gun is in the ready position. Remember safety first and don’t become over eager. Concentrate, staying calm and confident.

Tip: Point the barrels at the target throughout the entire gun mount and pulling of the trigger. Remember the barrels shoot where they are pointed.


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2 cans of H&H gun cleaner
1 can H&H Nevarust
1 box of H&H patches

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