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     The BOUGLE` Lightweight Fly Reels  

Bougle`  Lightweight Series Bougle`  Lightweight Agate Series

Exquisite delicacy and style
Featherlite  for small rods and light lines
A true object of desire for the small stream fly fisherman

Bougle` Lightweights are delightful reels, complimenting perfectly modern, lightweight, carbon rods or a favorite palakona wand. Designed for brook work, for small rivers and perhaps those shallow, limped bays on pools or larger lakes. Its pear-dropped perforations in both the spool and the frame have made it so extraordinarily light you can barely feel its presence. And whilst beauty is an overworked term, itís surely applicable here: the Lightweight Bougle`s gray frame and silver spool and winding plate combine with discretion and charm. Alternatively, the Bougle` Agate mirrors the MkV with British racing green frame and champagne gold spool, but also features an agate line guard for ultimate protection of valuable lines.

You enjoy the peace of the countryside, the brain-teasing challenges of the smaller river with its wily stock of native trout. Fly fishing for you is more than big bags, big fish, big headlines. Youíre into the subtleties of life. This is exactly why Hardy offers you the Bougle`  lightweights.

Model Size Weight Line Capacity Price
      DT line  
Lightweight I (#2/3)  2 3/4"   90g DT3F +40yds $n/a
Lightweight II (#3/4) 3"   100g DT4F +40yds $n/a
Lightweight III (#4/5) 3 1/4"   110g DT5F +30yds $455

Agate Lightweight
Limited Edition Reel



Bougle` Lightweight Agate

Model Size Weight Line Capacity Price
      DT line  
Bougle Agate I (#2/3)  2 3/4"   105g DT3F +40yds $n/a
Bougle Agate II (#3/4) 3"   110g DT4F +40yds $n/a
Bougle Agate III (#4/5) 3 1/4"   121g DT5F +30yds $635


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Spare Drums/ Repair Packs 

Hardy Reel Oil:

 Hardy reel oil is specially formulated to lubricate and protect your Hardy reel. A quick application
ensures silky performance in every fishing situation. No better way to bring new life to a classic Hardy reel. 25ml Price $6.75 each.

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