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 Wooden Canoe Paddles by American Traders

No single product better represents the true American spirit than the classic wooden canoe.  They are a direct link to the tales of adventure and legends of outdoor life.  They capture and reflect nature's wonders and they force you to slow down, enjoy the simple pleasures of life and take in the beauty of the world around you.

We are proud to introduce a selection of wooden canoes for the fly fisher and waterfowl hunter from American Traders. With over 20 years of canoe building experience American Traders is now the largest builder of classic cedar canoes in the world. Their commitment to the craft and  careful attention to every detail in all their canoes defines the exceptional quality of their boats.

Wooden Canoes
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Below is a simple guide of terms to help you understand specifications of various canoes.

Canoe Materials

WE Wood-Epoxy - Sometimes referred to as 'wood-glass' canoes are built using the same methods as canvas covered canoes, however a clear bonded epoxy is used on the outside of the hull. An invisible layer of fiberglass cloth between the wood and the epoxy adds strength while allowing the natural beauty of the wood to show through.

WC Wood-Canvas - A traditional and beautiful hull finish. Time-tested cedar rib-plank construction is covered with a durable canvas that is stretched tightly over the hull. The canvas is then filled to create a smooth surface and painted with marine paint.

Canoe Length  
Overall length is measured from stem to stern in feet and inches on a standard model.
As each canoe is hand crafted the length stated should be considered as nominal and may vary very slightly from canoe to canoe.

Canoe Beam 
The beam measurement is stated in inches and is taken inside the hull at the widest part of the canoe.

Canoe Weight 
Weight is stated in pounds and is determined on a standard model.
As each canoe is hand crafted the weight stated should be considered as nominal and may very considerably from canoe to canoe. Extra options such as half-ribs or canvas covering add weight.

Canoe Capacity 
Capacity is stated in pounds and is determined on a standard model.
Capacity is measured to six inches of freeboard at the center of the canoe. Freeboard is the distance from the water to the top of the gunnel.

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For many nothing is a as pleasing as catching a fish on a classic bamboo rod in a wooden canoe.

Contact us about ordering one of Hardy's classic taper rods or the newer Gladstone.


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