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  Hardy Cascapedia 4/0 Salmon


Limited edition re-release of a magnificent hand-built mutiplier reel designed during the golden days of game fishing to meet the requirements of anglers fly-fishing for big salmon in true style. Carefully counter-balanced to prevent the slightest shudder in a reel running at full speed, the 1.7/1 ratio of the multiplier allows fast take-up of any slack in the line. Seven different levels of drag and a check button allowing for audible click or silent for stealth. the winding plate of each reel has three medallions: the makers name is commemorated alongside the limited edition number, another ways the name and size of the reel and the third displays the Royal Warrant of HRH The Prince of Wales. Cascapedia 4/0 is rated for lines 9-11. Diameter is 4 3/16".

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