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Hardy Classic Reels for all and all time
Hardy classic lightweight reels are popular the world over for trout fishing with smaller lightweight rods where the need for a disc drag that stop a train is unnecessary. Originally die-cast, these reels are now machined from top quality barstock aluminum for long lasting performance and strength. Hardy classic reels are for all time. Lovely to hold. Lovely to fish with. Lovely to know you’ve got such a thing of beauty for life. 





Wide Spool Perfects
Limited Edition Anniversary Collection

Cascapedia 4/0

Bougle Baby

Bougle MKIV

Bougle Lightweight  &
Bougle Agate Lightweight

Tealweight &
Lightweight Reels

Ultralite Disc

New - Gem Mid Arbor

Ultralite Disc Large Arbor

Viscount Large Arbor &
 Viscount Large Arbor Disc


Hardy Reel Oil:
 Hardy reel oil is specially formulated to lubricate and protect your Hardy reel. A quick application
ensures silky performance in every fishing situation. No better way to bring new life to a classic Hardy reel. 25ml Price $6.75 each.


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