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Trout  Steelhead, Salmon &Saltwater  New Wide Spool Perfects

Hardy Collectible Reels:

Check Out the New Replica Wide Spool Perfects !

 1928 ST. GEORGE JR. Replica
Being only 2-9/16" in diameter, the 1928 St. George Jr. was the reel of choice to balance small bamboo rods. The delicate engraving and over-sized porting gave the Junior a unique look when compared to the popular Perfect models. Fitted with a circular nickel-silver lineguard, the reel is best suited for 3 or 4 weight lines. Limited to 1500 models. LHW or RHW $425.00

Diameter Weight Capacity
2 9/16" 3 1/4oz WF4 + 45 yds

Hardy Bros Selvyt Reel Bags:
Hardys selvyt reel bags are indispensable when a case is not being used and for general storage. Inquire for Sizes and Price.

Cascapedia 4/0 Salmon and Brunswick 1/0 Trout
Limited edition re-release of a magnificent hand-built mutiplier reel designed during the golden days of game fishing to meet the requirements of anglers fly-fishing for big salmon in true style. Carefully counter-balanced to prevent the slightest shudder in a reel running at full speed, the 1.7/1 ratio of the multiplier allows fast take-up of any slack in the line. Seven different levels of drag and a check button allowing for audible click or silent for stealth. the winding plate of each reel has three medallions: the makers name is commemorated alongside the limited edition number, another ways the name and size of the reel and the third displays the Royal Warrant of HRH The Prince of Wales. Cascapedia 4/0 is rated for lines 9-11. Diameter is 4 3/16".

 The Brunswick 
TheBrunswick is an exquisitely finished trout fly reel, hand-built in similar style to its salmon-catching counterpart. Brunswicks' direct drive remains as finely couter-balanced as its larger brother. Stainless steel bushes inset into the spindle plate keep friction to a minimum between the side -plates and the drum spindle. Brunswicks' features insure the smoothest operation when a line is running at high speed with eleven settings for drag adjustmet. The Brunswicks' three medallions display:reels individual number and makers name,reel name and size, and the third has the famous 1896 Hardy 'Rod-in-Hand' trademark. The Brunswick is rated for lnes2-5. Diameter is 2 7/8".  Inquire for Price and numbers available.

  The "BOUGLE` 1903" Fly Reel  ~

At the request of Mons Louis Bouglé, a reputable French tournament caster, we designed a lightweight and large capacity aluminum trout reel. It was the first and only raised pillar trout reel with Perfect-styled
backplate that we ever created. Made of aluminum and weighing a little over 4-1/2 ounces, the Bouglé made for a delightful change from the prominent solid brass reels. Our records indicate that only seventy-seven 1903 versions were made, thus making it one of the rarest Hardy reels in the world. Limited to 1000 right-hand retrieve models for the United States.    Price$ 485.00

Diameter Weight Capacity
3" 4 7/8oz WF4 + 65

 Bougle` Agate Lightweight
      Limited Edition Reel

A Premium Quality Lightweight
Bougle`  for the collector and fisherman. Takes the lightweight and the dark green of the Tealweight with classic agate line guard, nickel silver pierced reel foot. Currently the 1st 100 have been produced with only 500 planned for production. 126g.

Model Size Line Capacity Price
Bougle Agate 3" DT5F +30yds $ Inquire

The Golden BOUGLE` MKVI Lightweight
 Limited edition FLy Reels

These Limited Edition Golden BOUGLE`S, are made in very scarce numbers only 200 being produced of the Golden BOUGLE` Baby and the 3" Lightweight with adjustable check. A lovely Champagne Gold Finish, Ivorine knob, Pierced Foot and Nickel silver roller bar are standard features. 

Model Size Weight Line Capacity Price
 DT + BK
 Baby  2 3/4"  98g  DT3F +40yds,
 WF2 +75yds#12
 $ Inquire
 Lightweight   3"  110g  DT4F +30yds  $ Inquire


The 1896 Perfect embodies the commitment to quality that made us famous for fly reels. Sculpted from solid brass, the 1896 Pattern changed the expectations of discerning anglers throughout the world and introduced them to a quality fly reel for the first time. The reel houses an adjustable drag outfitted with a fixed-pivot beak-pawl with "C" spring. The Houghton is truly noticeable in its drag adjustment. As was  customary, all brass parts are bronzed with the exception of the ball bearings and the undersurface of  both the drum and revolving plate. Limited to 1000 right hand retrieve models worldwide.    Price: $1395.00

Diameter Weight Capacity
3" 11 7/16oz WF5 + 75 yds

Hardy Reel Oil:
 Hardy reel oil is specially formulated to lubricate and protect your Hardy reel. A quick application
ensures silky performance in every fishing situation. No better way to bring new life to a classic Hardy reel. 25ml 
$6.75 each.

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