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Hardy Ultralite Disc Large Arbor - ULDA

The Ultralite Disc Large Arbor Fly Reel Series
A proven design that is lightweight, functional and extremely reliable
Large arbor for fast retrieval, reduced line memory and low start-up inertia
Fast-focus Rulon disc drag system with instantaneous pick up
Easy to change spools for maximum dishing versatility

 As its name suggests, the Hardy Ultralite Disc Large Arbor Reel is beautifully lightweight. But donít worry: its perforated frame and spool is precision machined from our premium grade barstock aluminum so the structure remains massively strong. Unlike many large arbor reels, the ULDA soaks up seemingly endless backing and this makes the reel prefect for big, fast-running fish situations.

 The Rulon disc drag system can be flick from minimum to maximum drag with just half a turn of the regulator button, this reel was born for big fish in tricky situations.  

The ULDA is finished in an anodized satin-silver with black highlighting. The rim is exposed for palm control if necessary in a battle and the spools feature a quick release latch for you to change lines rapidly and easily as fishing situations evolve.  


 Hardy Ultralite Disc Large Arbor Fly Reel: Specifications

Model Diameter Weight Line Capacity (m) Price Spool
3/4 3 1/8" / 79mm 5 1/2oz /158g DT3+85m/WF4+85m $365  $150
5/6 3 3/8" / 86mm 5 1/4 oz / 166g DT5+85m/WF6+85m $385 $160
7/8 3 5/8" / 92mm 6 oz / 174g DT7+70m/WF8+70m $396 $170
9/10 3 7/8" / 98mm 8 3/4oz / 251g DT9+180m/WF10+230m $425 $175
10/11 4 1/8" / 105mm 9 1/4oz / 263g DT10+225m/WF11+270m $445 $180

Tip: A spare spool is always a wise investment.




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