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  Hardy A.H.E. Wood Palakona Fly Rod

During the last two seasons we have made many experiments to improve the balance of these rods. (Mr. Wood has again been good enough to assist us.) One of the Chief objects was to make a 12ft. rod feel lighter in the hand and not be so tiring to the wrist, and yet retain all the power necessary for long casting and handling of a heavy fish. We are pleased to say that our efforts have been successful. The present 12ft. “Wood” rods possess a particular charm. They look and are strong rods and capable of hard work, yet in the hand they do not feel as heavy as they as they look. - 1930 Hardy Guide

Many years ago the late Mr. A.H.E. Wood, the inventor of greased line fishing, consulted us with regards to a new series of salmon fly rods he wished developed to suit his own style of fishing which he practiced with great success. After some trials the rods were decided on and with Mr. Wood’s consent we were able to offer the angling public something entirely new.

The popularity of greased line fishing increased very considerably and with it the demand for these rods. A year or two before his death, Mr. Wood reviewed the action of the rods with us making them lighter to handle and less tiring, without sacrificing any of their wonderful casting abilities or power to handle a strong fish. The popularity of these rods and the demand for them is almost beyond belief. This is the only series of rods to which Mr. Wood gave his name. - 1937 Hardy Guide




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I have never in my life handled a rod which gave me greater pleasure to fish with, than the 12ft. “Palakona” split-bamboo rod which you made for me a few years ago. I have killed hundreds of sea trout and many salmon with it.
Southsea  MONK GOULD - 1917 Hardy Guide

Hardy AHE Wood Palakona Fly Rod: Specifications
Model  Line  Sections  Price:
 12'  #8  3pc  2 tops  $3350

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