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 Hardy Angel Featherweight Mk 2 Fly Reel 



Spring is in the air. Feisty, fin-perfect, wild brown trout are rising everywhere from Cornwall up to the Hebrides. The brooks and the moorland streams are calling out.

    What you need is a reel that's as light and as beautiful as can possibly be made. And in the two new Angel Featherweights you've got the small stream dream. The 2-3 weight reel weighs three ounces and the 3-4 weight just a whisker more. The reel even has a click check rather than a disc drag, again to shave those fractions of an ounce off.

The dial drag adjuster is precise, easy to use to allow you to cushion gossamer-thin tippets. As light, beautiful and desirable as a piece of jewelry. A reel to work in harmony with the lightest of river outfits.

The two Featherweights models: The 2-3 weight weighs 3 ounces and The 3-4 weight weighs 3.2 ounces. The Angel Featherweight is one of the lightest, most beautiful small trout reels available in the world today.



Hardy Angel Featherweight Fly Reel: Specifications  - Free Global Shipping!

Model Diameter Weight Line Capacity (m)  $ Price Spool
2/3 2 3/4" 3 oz  DT3+24m/WF3+25m $325 $169 
3/4 3" 3.2 oz  DT3+55m/WF4+47.5m $349  $179 




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