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Hardy Cascapedia MkII Fly Reel

    A classic reel brought into the modern world
    Heart-stopping good looks, down to earth practicality
    A pinnacle of reel engineering
    Drag regulator button with pointer for easy reference

    The new Cascapedia MkII is a stunning lightweight version of one of the classic reels of all time. The reel retains its looks, its charm and its quality but it is brought so bang up to the minute that it will perfectly blend with modern fly rods. What youve got here is a true fishing version of an ageless classic.

    Available in four sizes, two trout and two salmon, the #2/3/4 and #5/6/7 versions offer a wide ranging click check while the larger #8/9 and #10/11 feature a powerful disc drag capable of stopping the largest salmon. The drag regulator button also has a pointer for easy reference in the heat of the battle. The matt black side plates give a high tech sleek appearance that is perfectly complemented by the rims, which are hand-polished to a mirror-like finish. Above all, the S shaped handle is retained, the immediate emblem of this magnificent reel.

    The new Cascapdeia MkII is a reel to collect, to look at, to treasure. But above all, its a reel for the modern day, to be used with pleasure and admiration.  

      Hardy Cascapedia MkII Fly Reel: Specifications
Model Diameter Weight Line Capacity (m) Price Spool
2/3/4 2 7/8/ 72mm 6 1/2 oz/190g DT3 + 65M $795  
5/6/7 3 3/8/86mm 8 oz/228g DT6 + 90M $895  
8/9 3 3/4/ 95mm 12 oz/341g DT8 + 130M $995  
10/11 3 15/16/ 100mm 12 3/4 oz/364g DT10 + 185M $1150  


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