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 Hardy Marksman Reel

"Light. Precise. Simple in design. Tippet Protecting. Beautiful. Everything a chalkstream reel should be. Team it with the Marksman rod for the ultimate pairing." Ron Good - Guide on river Test, England

The Marksman range of four, lightweight, click-check reels are designed to balance perfectly with the Hardy Marksman rods. The Marksman reel looks stunning while being a very practical fly reel - especially on small rivers and streams.


The unique spindle-less design, reminiscent of the early spindle-less Hardy Perfect reel, greatly reduces the reel's weight. A large central bearing set into the cage of the spool provides the smoothest rotation. The reel is also heavily ventilated, bringing down the weight, but with no reduction in resilience.


A Hardy fixed, click-check drag system means that you can concentrate on the intricacies of precision fishing. The spool's exposed rim allows you to palm control a running fish.


The mid arbor design is perfect for use with lighter lines, which means little or no line memory, so surface presentation is immaculate. The perfect match of form and function.


  • Tailor-made to accompany the new Marksman rod range.
  • Four models in the range to deal with every light line challenge.
  • Lightweight durable design. 
  • Raised ‘anti-snag’ reel seat
  • Palmable rim for applying pressure to running fish
  • Hardy's compensating click check protects the lightest tippets

Fly Fishing for trout is one of the most enjoyable sports practiced on the waters of the many countries where this game fish is found. In the perfect casting and delivery of the fly there is the same enjoyment as is experienced by the clever shot, or billiard player, who prides himself on the true and perfect working harmony of hand and eye.  - Hardy Catalogue 1899 

Hardy  Marksman Fly Reel: Specifications

Model Diameter Weight Line Capacity (m) $ Price Spool
2/3 2.5" 3.25oz/92.3g DT2 + 50 m/WF3 + 55 m $249 $159
3/4 2.7" 3.49oz/99.1g DT3 + 60 m/WF4 + 65 m $265 $169
4/5 3" 3.75oz/106.5g DT4 + 70m/WF5 + 75m $285 $179
New - 5/6 3.35" 4.83oz/137g DT5+75m/WF5+100m $299 $189

Tip: A spare spool is always a wise investment.




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