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  Hardy Marksman Fly Rod

"What a glorious blend of functionality, design and aesthetics. The reel is exquisite while the rod is simply faultless. How fortunate we are nowadays to have such products in our sport made from materials to match our needs." Jeremy Lucas (England Team Member)


The Marksman blends the most modern research with classical styling. The key lies in the ultra smooth blanks giving medium-fast recovery. This combination is perfect for nearly all river and light still water situations. What Hardy has done is create an elusive blend: the Marksman is rod that can put out tight loops yet yield gently to the pressure of a taking fish. Hardy has added ultra-light rod rings which aid the rod's recovery, vital for casting in the tightest situations. Even the reel seat is exquisitely sculptured and finished in nickel-silver. With a sumptuous finish, the Marksman is an irresistible rod that just has to be used.

There is a comprehensive range of Marksman rods - all carefully specified to suit the tasks for which they are designed.
The 6' #2 and the 7' #3 - for supreme delicacy, when fishing small rivers and streams.
The 8' #4 - total accuracy and control when targeting wary fish at close to medium range.
The 9' #4 and #5 - the complete all-round river rods and perfect for light still water work, for both dry fly and a nymph. An absolute joy to cast, and pin point accurate!
The 10' #4 and #5 are the ultimate Czech nymphing rods that can also adapt to present a fly at range. The ideal all-round rods for the specialist river or light stillwater angler. Perfect for fishing a light line from a boat.   

 Hardy Marksman Fly Rod:
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Model Line Sections Weight  Price
6' 2 3pc 2 5/8oz   80g $595
7' 3 3pc 3 1/9oz   88g $615
8' 4 4pc 3 2/5oz   97g $625
9' 4 4pc 3 3/4oz   104g $650
9' 5 4pc 3 7/8oz   109g $650
10' 4 4pc 4 1/16oz   115g $675
10' 5 4pc 4 1/10oz   116g $675




Vintage &










The Marksman 5wt is a true river gem. Bushy dries, small flies, nymphs, streamers, wind, long casts. Gentle on taking fish, but firm when in battle. These 5wts do it all!





The 2 and 3wts are highly advanced light line rods with perfect control in the most demanding of conditions.










We recommend pairing the Marksman Rod with Hardy's Marksman Fly Line to achieve the best performance. 




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