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Hardy Zane Ti Fly Reel

Time is probably more generous to an angler than to any other individual. The wind, the sun, the open air, the colors and smells, the loneliness of the sea or the solitude of the stream, work some kind of magic." The First Thousand Pounder. Zane Grey

In deference to the man himself, when Hardy set about making a saltwater fly reel, Hardy just knew it had to be the best. And the Zane Ti is the best. It's a masterpiece of design, material, and construction that will be hard to better however long man is making fishing reels.

The design and the features of the Zane Ti are shared with the Zane and they are exceptional. It's in the Letters Ti, though, wherein lies the difference. Consider this. The creation of the hightest grade aluminum reels demands around six minutes of engineering on todays machines. With a titanium reel, this process takes six whole days to hand craft one of the Zane Ti reels. The result is a stronger, lighter reel totally impervious to corrosion.

Titanium is self-healing. Scratch it and the raw metal oxidizes in minutes. Because titanium is inert, nothing can rust it. If you threw it to the bottom of the Florida Key's and left it there for thirty years and then retreived it, it would be like new once you scrape off the barnacles.

The ultimate saltwater fly reel!



  • The Zane Ti offers a fully sealed Teflon drag system

  • Both cage and spool crafted from Titanium bar stock

  • All Zane's have a huge backing capacity to cope with the largest species

  • Large arbor for less line memory, quick line retrieval and low start-up inertia

  • The handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip in all conditions

  • Raised ‘anti-snag’ reel seat

  • The No. 3 (11/12) is designed for the serious tarpon fishing

  • Designed for saltwater but equally at home fishing for salmon, sea trout and steelhead

 Hardy Angel Fly Reel: Specifications - Free Global Shipping!

Model Diameter Weight Line Capacity (m) $Price
10/11 4 1/4" 14 oz WF12 + 400 m $8,000




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