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Old Time Angler 


Old Time Angler  - February Hunting Specials

Hardy Game Bags – Troutfisher  $280.00 SALE  reg. $340 Don’t miss out on this great deal! Excellent bag for dove, grouse, pheasant hunting! Net in front to store game. Size 15x14” Inside has large compartment with two large pockets.

Pick any 2 Holland & Holland cleaning items for $14.00   No limit!
includes: Spray Gun Cleaner, Nevarust Oil, Rangoon Oil, Boxed Patches  


Selvyt Clothes $22.00 ea. SALE Reg. 26.50 Choose from: Holland & Holland & Westley Richards

Leather Fittings Pouches $20.00 ea.
SALE Reg.24.50 Only while stock lasts

Leather Coasters  4/$15.00 SALE reg. 19.50 croc embossed or solid, medium & dark brown

Safari Chair $150.00 SALE reg.$185 Only one left! Croc embossed leather, very nice!

Take $10 off  any Courtney Boot & Free Shipping.
Choose from: Selous, Safari, Tracker, Frontier     note: limited stock of Selous & Safari – more on the way, expected delivery by the end of the month. Supply is selling out fast order now to secure a pair!




Holland & Holland shells $7.50 a flat shipping on any order of 3 or more flats. Limited Stock – Hurry!
12g 1oz #5
12g 1oz #6
12g 1oz #7

12g 1 1/8oz #5
12g 1 1/8oz #6 
12g 1 1/8oz #7

sold out!!

20g 15/16oz #5
20g 15/16oz #6
20g 15/16oz #7
20g 15/16oz #8


Westley Richards shells: $7.50 a flat shipping on any order of 3 or more flats.
16g 2 ½”  1 oz   # 6-8US  $99/flat
16g 2 ½”  7/8oz # 7,8US  $99/flat

12g 2 ½”  1oz   #7,8US   $89/flat
12g 2 ½”  7/8oz #7,8US $89/flat

20g 2 ½”  7/8oz #7,8US  $95/flat



Other Shells: Shipping on these is $9.00/ flat
B&P F2 Classic 1 Flat 2 5/8" 16g  1 1/16oz #5  8 boxes to a flat $65/flat SALE


Holladn & Holland  2 Flats  12g 2 1/2" 1oz # 5UK $85 /flat $78/flat SALE Note: one of the flat has nine boxes in it. If you want we can put the 1 box of H&H 16g 1oz (the box has 24 shells as mentioned below) in the place of the tenth box of 12g #5

Gamebore PureGold 1 flat 12g 1oz #6UK shells.
$76/flat SALE

Westley Richards  2 Flats 16g 2 1/2" 1oz  # 5US  $93 /flat $88/flat SALE
Westley Richards
8 Boxes 12g 2 1/2"  1oz  # 6US $75/8boxes $68/8boxes SALE

Eley Grand Pre 1 Flat  2 1/2" 16g 15/16oz # 5UK $83/flat  
$75/flat SALE

1 box
$7.50 of 24 Holland & Holland 16g #6 shells. Note: one shell missing from box.

1 box with Kent Ultimate Diamond Shot #16g 1oz  Note: 15 shells (this is a 2 3/4" shell). Can also make this box a mixed box with the rest being Gamebore PureGold 12g 1oz  #6UK shells. This box would be




Easy Ordering: To get your order in as soon as possible choose any of the four options: email, fax, phone & the old stand by post mail.
e-mail: or

Fax: 530-937-7049
Phone: 918- 813-9949
Mail: Old-Time Angler
3906 S 198th E Ave
Broken Arrow, OK
74014 USA

We look forward to serving your sporting needs.

Best regards,
Joel Hitsman


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