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Hardy Mach One Fly Lines

Hardy Distance Spey Salmon line
A salmon line developed with a unique profile that helps long distance casting. The tapered tip is followed by a longer belly and longer rear taper than a standard weight forward line. This design allows the line to shoot a great distance and stabilises it by maintaining a good loop in the air. A change of color from chartreuse green to ice blue indicates the maximum amount of line that can be lifted off the water and aerialised. Four lines give you the opportunity to fish on the surface or at different depths. Choose between the floating line, the clear sink tip, the Wet Fly 2 fast sinking line, and the Wet Fast Sinking line. Ideal for Spey, roll or overhead casting. $69.00

Clear sink tip rate 1.5-2.0 ins/second
Wet Fly 2 sink rate 2.0-3.0 ins/second
Super Fast Sinking sink rate 4.00-5.50 ins/second
WF8-WF11 32m

CANTERBURY, February 19, 1885.
DEAR SIRS, - It gives me much pleasure to bear testimony to the excellence of the Split-Cane Rod I had of you two years ago. I have seen no rod of the same kind by any other makers at all equal to it.       I am, dear Sirs, yours faithfully,    G.S. AUSTIN 1888 Hardy Guide 

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