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Hardy Fly Lines

Distance Trout line
Like the Distance Spey Salmon line, this floating line's unique profile means you can really cover a lot of water and still achieve delicate presentation of the fly. A relatively short front taper helps the line turn over well, even when facing into a stiff wind. The longer than usual belly is tailored to suit each line weight. This allows the line to shoot long distances, particularly when double hauling, making it an ideal stillwater line. A change of color from chartreuse green to ice blue indicates the maximum amount of line that can be lifted off the water and aerialised. $59.00

WF4-WF8 32m  


I am extremely satisfied with the rods, line, reel, etc. You have in a masterly style built what I wish, and will favour you in future with all my orders.
Montpellier.                                                                       LOUIS D’ALBENAS (Baron). - 1917 Hardy Guide

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