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Hardy Mach 1 Salmon Shooting Head System

We offers shooting heads for both salmon and trout fishers because we realize they will always have a vitally important place. For the traveling angler, the shooting head system offers the lightest load opportunities. You simply set out with a single reel and running line with a range of heads neatly coiled in your pocket. You can change densities quickly and easily as you work down a big pool. You know, therefore, that youíre always fishing at maximum efficiency.

Shooting heads also give you the edge in tight positions where thereís little chance of aerializing a line behind you. Youíll find, too, that our floating running lines are exceptionally user friendly and easily handled, especially in those cold, freezing conditions that we canít ignore.

Mach 1 Salmon Multi-Tip Lines

Model Length (yds/m) Price
Multi Tip WF 8/9 35/33 $129
Multi Tip WF 9/10 35/33 $129
Multi Tip WF 10/11 35/33 $129


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