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Hardy Fly Lines



Hardy Saltwater lines

If you try fishing in tropical waters with an ordinary fly line you will find the warmth of the water affects the quality of the line, making it too soft to cast any distance. The Hardy Saltwater line is designed to overcome this problem. It has a harder coating and stiffer core that keeps the line at just the right degree of suppleness to maintain a good loop in the air and aid line shoot. In addition, its special saltwater taper will help you land big flies on the water accurately and with a lighter touch, even against a stiff headwind, so you will be able to cover fish without spooking them. Available as an ice blue floating line with superb buoyancy, or as an ice blue line with a clear sink tip.
Price $50.00

Floating WF8-WF10  27m
Clear sink tip rate 1.5-2.0 ins/second WF8-WF10  27m


OHIO, 25/10/25.
                Everybody I know who has ever used one of your rods, says that they are the best in the world.  R. BENTLY.  - 1926 Hardy Guide

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