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Fly Lines:

Hardy Mach One Fly Lines


Hardy Mach 1 Salmon Fly Lines
Few pieces of kit show more completely the Hardy determination to make things better than the Mach 1 Salmon lines. Hardy knew a better salmon line could be made but it took seemingly endless designs, prototypes and testing sessions before Hardy began to realize the product Hardy had been looking for. The Mach 1 series of salmon lines truly revolutionizes ling distance, big fish casting. What we’ve done is to make casts of thirty-five yards easy and normal for even the average angler. A good caster will consistently better that figure with ease. What then are the characteristics of these revolutionary lines?

Hardy has looked at the length of the head and worked out how to marry it precisely with the rod it will be used with. This is critical: line and rod work in perfect tandem together.

Hardy has given the lines a longer front taper that allows flies to turn over perfectly in the air. The design also helps your cast cut effortlessly into the wind.

Hardy has also built in a back taper to stabilize the line during its flight. Because of this, there is no stalling and the line straightens itself out to land true and delicate, exactly where you want it, time after time.

The running lines are integral to the success of the Mach 1 salmon line. They all float. We’ve designed them for river fishing and now you can mend the line and control it precisely as it drifts and swings. Even at distance, whatever depth you are fishing, you’ll be in instant and complete control.

The lines also feature color changes along their length so you know exactly how much line is aerialised and when to lift off for maxium power and efficiency.

 Mach 1 Salmon Plus Lines
Available in three weights and come in floating versions only.

The M1 SP lines are the ultimate, big hitters of the salmon fishing world. Forty-yard lines with a head length of sixty-four feet that offer the experienced caster the ultimate achievable distance. The longer head also means you don’t have to strip in quite as much line before recasting. The running line is extraordinary thin and unbelievably slim in profile – perfect again for cutting across the wind that bedevils so many of our salmon rivers.

Taken together, the Mach 1 range offers a line for every single, conceivable salmon fishing situation. Whatever your level of experience these lines will give you a real edge.

I am very pleased with all the things, the line especially being really a beautiful thing. I never realized a line could be so perfect in appearance and feel.
M. J. NICHOLL.  – 1930 Hardy Guide

As an angler who fishes six days a week may I express an opinion on you tackle- “it is the best”.       F.L.H.  – 1951 Hardy Guide

Distance Spey Salmon line
A salmon line developed with a unique profile that helps long distance casting. The tapered tip is followed by a longer belly and longer rear taper than a standard weight forward line. This design allows the line to shoot a great distance and stabilises it by maintaining a good loop in the air. A change of color from chartreuse green to ice blue indicates the maximum amount of line that can be lifted off the water and aerialised. Four lines give you the opportunity to fish on the surface or at different depths. Choose between the floating line, the clear sink tip, the Wet Fly 2 fast sinking line, and the Wet Fast Sinking line. Ideal for Spey, roll or overhead casting. $69.00

Clear sink tip rate 1.5-2.0 ins/second
Wet Fly 2 sink rate 2.0-3.0 ins/second
Super Fast Sinking sink rate 4.00-5.50 ins/second
WF8-WF11 32m

CANTERBURY, February 19, 1885.
DEAR SIRS, - It gives me much pleasure to bear testimony to the excellence of the Split-Cane Rod I had of you two years ago. I have seen no rod of the same kind by any other makers at all equal to it.       I am, dear Sirs, yours faithfully,    G.S. AUSTIN – 1888 Hardy Guide 

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