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Hardy Rod Collection

Rod assembly, care and maintenance

To assemble and dismantle carbon fibre rods
  • Remove plastic cover from cork handle prior to use.
  • Figure 1; hold each section close to the joint and twist together.
  • Figure 2; hold each section close to the joint and twist apart.


To assemble and dismantle bamboo rods
  • With bamboo rods, joints should only be pushed together or pulled apart in a straight line.



Care of your Hardy rod

  • Never use tools of any kind to twist or clamp the rod.
  • Never bend your rod at extreme angles over a short distance.
    When setting up always thread line through rings keeping the rod straight. Do not hold rod at tip. Your rod is designed to flex throughout its complete length and not over a short section
  • Avoid sharp jerks when fly is caught or snagged. Point rod directly at snag and pull for a break.
  • Avoid over stressing your rod by taking it past its fighting curve.
  • Avoid sharp blows such as hitting gunwhales of a boat and overhanging branches.
  • Avoid flies hitting rod blank when casting especially when using gold heads etc.
  • Rub the spigots or joints regularly with candle wax. This prevents premature wear of the carbon joints, provides a secure friction fit during fishing and ease of separation at the end of a day's fishing.
  • Always rinse rings and metal fittings in fresh water after use in salt or brackish water.
  • Clean and dry rod after each fishing trip, especially under rod rings and the rings themselves, as sediment build up during fishing is the main cause of wear on rod rings. Dirty rings and line will cut down line speed and line shoot which reduces casting distance.
  • Keep your reel fitting clean from dirt and grit and lubricate screw threads occasionally.
  • Store in a dry environment. If your rod comes with a tube, store in this to avoid any accidents.

All Gem rods have spigot joints for the smoothest power transmission and are finished in translucent emerald green with matching tyings securing lined stripping guides, high arch chrome snake rings and a hayfork tip ring. The handle and spacer are made of flor grade cork and the reel is secured with an anodised screw fitting. Supplied with a cordura covered rod tube and partitioned cloth bag.

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