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We are proud to present The Courteney Boot Collection from Westley Richards.

For nearly two centuries, Westley Richards has wholly embraced the concept of best quality hand-craftsmanship combined with practical styling in every single product it has offered. It is this same principle that is imparted in our collection of footwear from The Courteney Boot Company. Boots and shoes completely hand-made with the strictest adherence to exacting standards, affording the wearer and extremely hard wearing boot for protection and absolute comfort in the most inhospitable terrain and conditions.

Every boot and shoe in our collection is highly individual, from our flagship safari boot, the Selous, to our most popular Vellie shoe and our newest Adventure sandal and Campfire shoe. Each and every model is directly descended from the time tested veldtschoen boot of the Dutch Voortrekkers and Pioneers. As tough as the African bush, these shoes featured an unusual outward flanged construction with the gameskin upper hand sewn to both the sole and insole. This combination was found to provide an exceptionally comfortable and weather-proof shoe, impervious to the underbrush and thorns indigenous to the African terrain.

Today's veldtschoen styling survives almost unchanged from this original concept. The addition of slightly more modern technology and tanning procedure, however, allows The Courteney Boot the advantage of innovative boot making and the resulting product is the epitome of functional, practical footwear. Utilizing genuine African Cape Buffalo hides for superior protection, and soft, comfortably padded Impala hide at collars and comfort points, the boots are double stitched through to a genuine game skin leather insole and rubber mid sole. Finally, adhered as the outsole, is a pure natural rubber sole that simply defied wear.

The Courteney Patrol Boot

~Special Order~Now For Fall Delivery!

We are re-introducing the Patrol boot for this coming fall. The Patrol boot makes an excellent grouse boot!
As its name reflects the Patrol is paramilitary in style, laced to the top with a soft Impala hide collar and full bellows tongue. Designed with the rancher and hunter in mind, the Patrol gives extra support for a hard day's work.

We are now taking orders for fall delivery -
Special Order Your Pair Today! 

Cape Buffalo $249.00  
Size 12 available immediately!

Hippo $299.00


 The Selous   
Tough enough for the most inhospitable terrain, yet sublimely comfortable right out of the box.

Exclusively crafted for Westley Richards, the Courteney Selous represents the flagship boot within out comprehensive range of footwear. Constructed entirely of genuine gameskin, each is as individual as the serial number it bears. Select Cape Buffalo skins are hand stitched to form the incredibly tough uppers with a soft Impala skin padded collar surrounding the ankle and lower calf to provide exceptional support and comfort. The vamp is reinforced with overstitched heel and toe box and the entire upper is stitched through to the pure rubber 'tyre' tread sole for all terrain durability and surer traction. The Selous is presented in a Courteney Chronicle traveling sack together with a full range of accessories including polish, cloth, brush, spare laces and alternative innersoles, to keep them in perfect condition for your next adventure.

Men's English sizing 4 - 14 (including half sizes)
Women's English sizing
2 - 9 (including half sizes)


The Tracker 
Tough enough for the bush and smart enough for the city.
The Tracker is a mid-cut boot suitable for a variety of environments. The upper is hand cut durable Cape Buffalo leather and combined with a soft, Impala skin padded collar at ankle. It is hand sewn to the sole and insole to create an extremely comfortable weather-proof boot, impervious to bush thorns and rugged terrain. The Tracker is supremely comfortable, highly individual, and immensely practical footwear. These boots transition perfectly from the hunting field to everyday casual use for the distinguished campaigner.
Men's English sizing 4 - 14           $169
(including half sizes)

Women's English sizing 2 - 9        $169
(including half sizes)

Shoe Sizing  Courteney Boots are made in English sizes. Therefore, please order half a size smaller to approximate your standard US size. For example, if you normally wear a size 11 US, please order a size 10.5

The Frontier 
All day comfort on the inside. All weather toughness on the outside.

Designed expressly for many of our American customers who wished to have the Courteney construction with a more North American character. Handmade from Cape Buffalo skin, with soft Impala skin lining and collar over a lightweight, but extremely durable and comfortable natural rubber sole. For unequalled elegance, the Frontier is also available in premium grade, full quill ostrich hide, which will outlast the most demanding user. For the absolute toughest version of out popular Frontier boot, we suggest the unequalled strength of hippopotamus hide; ruggedly attractive and virtually impervious to wear. Each pair of boots comes complete with a travel sack, polish, cloth, brush, spare laces and inner soles.




Men's English sizing 4 - 14
(including half sizes).
 Buffalo $220
 Hippopotamus $295
Black Ostrich $399
Ostrich $399


The Safari  
An exceptional choice as a 'true' stalking boot.

A slightly modified, four-inch ankle height boot, the Safari affords the very same features as our Selous with the same hand crafted construction and genuine Buffalo hide upper and natural rubber tyre tread sole. Brass speed lacing, padded Impala collar plus double stitched and reinforced vamp, provides an exceptional choice as a true; stalking; boot. As with the Selous, the Safari is designed and sized to fit ladies as well as gentlemen, and with a combination of outstanding durability and comfort, we can finally provide proper safari equipment for the intrepid female adventurer. 

Men's English sizing 4 - 14       
(including half sizes)

Women's English sizing 2 - 9        $199.00
(including half sizes)

Shoe Sizing  Courteney Boots are made in English sizes. Therefore, please order half a size smaller to approximate your standard US size. For example, if you normally wear a size 11 US, please order a size 10.5

The Salisbury
Specially designed for a more versatile and conventional fit, the Frontier boot and Salisbury shoe represents an excellent blending of traditional American footwear design with the comfort and performance of Courteney's proven styling. Upper is hand cut and sewn of soft, durable Cape Buffalo leather and combined with a soft, Impala skin padded collar at the ankle. Supremely comfortable, the provide substantial support with reinforced toe and heel. Combined with our pure rubber sole these shoes transition perfectly from the hunting field to everyday casual use.

Men's English sizing 4 - 14
(including half sizes).
By special order only!

The Highveld  
The perfect choice for the client who prefers a lighter weight bush shoe, featuring a lower cut which permits more articulation of the lower calf and ankle. An excellent choice for use over more even terrain or where lighter weight is a consideration. The Highveld entails all of the construction features of our Selous and Safari boots in a truly comfortable and durable shoe. Perfect as casual footwear, they make the transition from the bush to the town with remarkable ease.
Men's English sizing 4 - 14        $149
(including half sizes)
Women's English sizing 2 - 9      $149
(including half sizes)


The Vellie 
Well suited to the bush or the street. A versatile design equally well suited to the bush or the street. The design of the Vellie can be traced back to the North African campaigns of World War II. Suede kudu hides form a comfortable and hard wearing vamp which is augmented with a constructed heel box and three-eyelet design that stands up to fairly rigorous duty.


Men's English sizing 4 - 14
(including half sizes).

Women's English sizing 2 - 9
(including half sizes)
Light Suede $99

Dark Suede $99

All Leather $129

The Campfire
In a never ending quest for the perfect camp footwear, our Campfire shoe is an elegant choice for after-hunt footwear. Supremely comfortable, easily worn, with a slip-in design, they feature a padded insole with a genuine Impala lining attached to a contoured ripple tread rubber sole. Constructed with the same attention to detail as all of our Courteney collection.
Men's English sizing 4 - 14       $130

(including half sizes)

Women's English sizing 2 - 9    $130
(including half sizes)

 Adventure Sandal
The Adventure enjoys a well-deserved reputation as being the toughest and most comfortable leather sandal available for varied terrain use. This unisex design features a pure rubber "tyre" tread sole hand-stitched to a cushioned Kudu suede foot bed which conforms perfectly to the owner's foot. Buffalo hide uppers comprise of adjustable tabs and supportive heel box.  
Unisex English sizing 2 - 14
(even sizes)        $125


TK1 Trekkingboot - Khaki
Anatomically formed asymmetrical left and right socks with unique foot bed for superior comfort. Features high-volume cushioning to protect the joints and provide space compensation. Unique design absorbs pressure peaks and filters moisture to the outside and helps reduce blisters. Designed for use in sturdy trekking boots.
Price  $20.00

Men's English sizing 5.5 - 13
(including half sizes)


The Courteney Haversack
Carrying the essentials in an organized and convenient manner has always presented a bit of a challenge. A tremendous amount of hunting experience was drawn upon to create a design which was truly useful for carrying a satisfactory amount of kit into the field. Entirely constructed using only African Impala hides, the Haversack features a drawstring top and oversized flap with a top carrying handle. The primary compartment provides ample room with suitable protection for binoculars as well as photographic equipment and valuables. Additional exterior pockets surround the lower pack. The fit of the bag has been properly constructed to permit the user a comfortable balance of weight, with padded shoulder straps (incorporating snap over pockets) that adjust quickly and easily. An excellent choice for safaris and expeditions.  $249.00


The Courteney Warthog Pack
Great for those wanting to carry a little more than would be available in the Haversack.

The Courteney Attaché Case

In traditional turn of the century style, the Courteney Attaché case combines the wonderful elegance of a past era with modern day serviceability. Made from genuine African game hide, this exceptional quality attaché case is here to help you plan your adventure, and carry your memories home!   $280.00


Game Skin Cleaning Kit
A true sportsman will give his boots as much care as he does his favorite gun, fishing rod or his vehicle.

The proper way to preserve leather is through regular and correct polishing. Water and wear remove the original oil from the leather. When the tiny fibers dry out they become hard and brittle and break easily, shortening the life of the leather.

Leather fibers burn easily, especially when leather is wet, and should never be dried with artificial heat. For the best result, footwear should be dried out slowly and never be subjected to any extreme heat.

Courteney Polish is made from the same ingredients used by the tanner in waterproofing the leather. Rub the polish vigorously into your boots with a brush. Assisted by the heat generated, the polish will work into the pores. Its frequent use will maintain the original flexibility and water-resistant qualities of your boots.

As a thoughtful accompaniment to our boots, Courteney has produced a maintenance kit with cleaning accessories and replacement parts. This kit includes a good stiff brush and exclusive Courteney boot polish made from pure beeswax, and comes packaged in a game skin bag. A compact and practical accessory that with lengthen the life of your Courteney footwear, providing years of stalwart service.  Price $26.00

Shipping per pair of boots : $20

Shoe Sizing  Courteney Boots are made in English sizes. Therefore, please order half a size smaller to approximate your standard US size. For example, if you normally wear a size 11 US, please order a size 10.5

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