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  Old Time Angler

    ~ Courteney Footwear & Luggage ~

The Courteney Haversack
Carrying the essentials in an organized and convenient manner has always presented a bit of a challenge. A tremendous amount of hunting experience was drawn upon to create a design which was truly useful for carrying a satisfactory amount of kit into the field. Entirely constructed using only African Impala hides, the Haversack features a drawstring top and oversized flap with a top carrying handle. The primary compartment provides ample room with suitable protection for binoculars as well as photographic equipment and valuables. Additional exterior pockets surround the lower pack. The fit of the bag has been properly constructed to permit the user a comfortable balance of weight, with padded shoulder straps (incorporating snap over pockets) that adjust quickly and easily. An excellent choice for safaris and expeditions.  $260.00


The Courteney Warthog Pack
Great for those wanting to carry a little more than would be available in the Haversack.

The Courteney Attaché Case

In traditional turn of the century style, the Courteney Attaché case combines the wonderful elegance of a past era with modern day serviceability. Made from genuine African game hide, this exceptional quality attaché case is here to help you plan your adventure, and carry your memories home!   $295.00








Badlands &
Bird Vests

Westley Richards Courteney Boots

Shooting Accessories
Ties, Playing Cards, Paperweights, Leather Coasters, Coat Racks etc…



Shotgun Ammo (Cartridges)
Holland & Holland, Bismuth, Lyalvale and Westley Richards

Case Accessories
Selvyt Cloths, Cleaning Rods, Fittings & Pouches

Gun Cleaning
Holland & Holland: Rangoon oil, Nevarust, Boxed Patches, etc…

Guides, Dog trainers, Kennels, Information on shoots, etc…


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2 cans of H&H gun cleaner
1 can H&H Nevarust
1 box of H&H patches


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