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    Old Time Angler

Choose from either a free pair of Faulk Socks & Free shipping when you order any Courtney footwear. ends 9/10/05
Built for the African bush with broken in comfort right out of the box.
Selous  $265.00
Frontier from  $220.00
Tracker  $169.00
Safari  $199.00
Highveld  $149.00
Velie from  $99.00
Cleaning Kit $25.00

Bring a nice shine to your gun!
Holland Selvyt Cloths  $26.50 Special $18.50 ends 9/10/05
Purdey Selvyt Cloths   $26.50
Holland Boxed Patches  $7.50
Holland Nevarust Oil  $8.50
Holland Rangoon Oil  $8.50
Holland New Gun Cleaner  $9.50
Worthhog Gun Cleaner  $10.00
Mop  $7.50
Brush  $7.50
Jag  $9.50
Payne Galway Brush  $11.50
Fittings Pouch Moc Croc $24.50

Email Special:
1 can of H&H gun cleaner
1 can H&H Nevarust or Rangoon
1 box of H&H patches
only $20.00
  ends 9/10/05


Order Today
To get your order in as soon as possible use any of the four easy options: email, fax, phone or the old stand by postal mail.
Fax: 530-937-7049
Phone: 918- 813-9949
Mail: Old-Time Angler
3906 S 198th E Ave
Broken Arrow, OK
74014 USA

We look forward to serving your shooting needs this season.

Best regards,
Joel Hitsman

If you are receiving duplicate update emails please
let us know. Also, if you prefer to no longer receive our updates please let us know. Via: Pleas remove me.


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