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Brodin Landing Nets

Brodin strives to develop top notch products that are relevant to the needs of flyfishermen. The new Ghost Series nets are an example of this.

But more importantly, Brodin is concerned with environmental and social issues. As flyfishermen it is to our benefit to have a clean and healthy planet. Trout are the canaries in the coal mines and without pristine streams they will diminish. There is tremendous pressure on the world's forests and they are being cut down at an alarming rate, and incredible as it may seem, even national parks in many countries are being logged illegally. To do their part in stemming this, Brodin is emphasizing the use of sustainable, plantation grown teak. This is readily available in Costa Rica and is quite handsome and is also well suited for use as a landing net.

A message from Brodin:
A landing net is an important tool in catch and release fishing. It can reduce the amount of time that a fish is played, thereby reducing the build-up of lactic acid that occurs when playing a fish. Too much lactic acid in a trout's system can lead to death even though it may seem to swim away. Think of it as a corral to hold your fish while you photograph and remove the fly. For as long as I can remember the cover of Flyfisherman magazine has always had a photo someone holding some kind of trout in the prone position. There is no need to lift a fish out of the water other than to get your face in the photo. Fish have evolved in an environment that does not require a strong skeletal frame to protect their organs. Water does that for them. Keep them in it.

Brodin Ghost Nets
This Brodin's new state of the art net bag. It is injection molded from pvc and is clear in color. As you can see, when the net bag is put into water, it becomes translucent and is less likely to spook fish. This net bag is proprietary to us and Brodin worked hard to develop one that is light in weight. You will find this net a pleasure to use on the stream. Flies, even when fished in tandem will not get stuck in the net. Flies will also stand out against the clear color so that you can extract them quickly and get back to fishing. Teak for the handle (there are no options) because of its relatively light weight and durability in water. It is the lightest "rubber" bag available anywhere.

Ghost nets feature: a Teak handle, four ply bow. Extra re-enforcing strip on the inside of the bow at the yoke. Rubber bags when placed in swift currents produce extra stress on a wood frame and this extra strip will ensure the integrity of the net.

NEW! - Brodin Firehole Ghost Net - Just Added!
Tailwater Ghost Specs
23" Overall
7" by 15" Opening
Great for mountain streams and 16" fish.
Price: $90.00


NEW! - Brodin Trout Ghost Net - Just Added!
Trout Ghost Specs
20" Overall
9" by 13" Opening 
The best net for all around trout fishing. Will easily handle a nice size fish, but it is still small enough so that it is not cumbersome.
Price: $90.00


Brodin Tailwater Ghost Net

Tailwater Ghost Specs
" Overall
9" by 20" Opening
This net is designed for tailwater fishing. A great net for fish up to 26".
Price: $119.00

Brodin Frying Pan Float Tube Ghost Net

Frying Pan Float Tube Ghost Specs
31" Overall length
12.75" by 18" Opening
This net is designed for larger fish up to 26" and use with float tubes or pontoon boats.

Price: $129.00

Brodin Frying Pan Ghost Net

Frying Pan Ghost Specs
27" Overall length
12.75" by 18" Opening
This net is designed for larger fish up to 26".

Price: $119.00

Brodin Mackenzie Ghost Net
At last a rubber net for fishing in MacKenzie boats that is lightweight and easy to use. Fish can be quickly released because our clear net bag will not snag flies.

MacKenzie Ghost Specs
49" Overall length
12.75" by 18" Opening
Great for drift boats and guides, will handle fish up to 26" 

Price: $145.00

Brodin Gallatin Ghost Net

Gallatin Ghost Specs
24" Overall length
8" by 16.5" Opening
Price: $99.00  

Brodin Cutthrout Float Tube Ghost Net
This net is great for float tube fishing but it is also light enough to carry on your back when stream fishing. The extra reach comes in handy.

Cutthrout Float Tube Ghost Specs
28" Overall length
10" by 15" Opening
Price: $109.00  

Now available after multiple requests.

Standard Length Cutthroat Ghost Specs
22" Overall length
10" by 15" Opening
Price: $99.00   

Sport Tools Magnetic Net Keeper
This is the best magnetic net keeper, bar none! You'll look the world over and not find a better one.
Safely and securely carry your net at the ready. With a full 11 pounds of separation force, your net is secure when not in use. To replace net simply swing the magnet in the vicinity of the half attached to vest. $24.95  





Hardy Marksman Landing Nets
These appealing nets accompany the Marksman rods and reels. They reflect our aim of creating beauty, lightness and shear functionality.


This range of high quality wooden nets available in medium and large, features the finest amboyna burlwood spacers. Though amazingly light, the nets are crafted for ruggedness and longevity. Essentially in the new age of conservation awareness, the nets are finished with a knotless fish friendly mesh. This makes them ideal for every situation valuable wild fish are being pursued.
Marksman Medium Net $75.00  

Marksman Large Net $85.00  



Fisknat Lightweight Rubber Bag Landing Nets

Handle Choices


 (Left to Right: Stream Ash Walnut Ash, Methow Zebra Wood, San Juan Padouk)

Hand Nets
(with Light weight rubber bag)
Fisknat Stream --Bow: 7 x 16 Handle: 7 Overall:23"  $94.00 
Fisknat Methow
-- Bow: 7" x 16" Handle: 7" Overall:23" $85.00 
Fisknat San Juan -- Bow: 9 x 18 Handle: 8 Overall:26"  
Fisknat Mckenzie
-- Bow: 10 x 15 Handle: 7 Overall:22"  $85.00 
Fisknat Yak --Bow: 12 x 17 Handle: 7 Overall:24" $94.00 

Fisknat Lake -- Bow: 11 x 16 Handle: 7 Overall:23"  $95.00 


Float Tube Nets (with Light weight rubber bag)

FISKNAT FLOAT TUBE--Bow:10" x 17" Handle:12" Overall:29"  $109.00 

FISKNAT STEELHEAD FLOAT TUBE--Bow:11" x 20" Handle: 10" Overall:30"  $109.00 

FISKNAT GREY REEF--Bow:10" x 20" Handle:12" Overall: 32" $109.00 


Pontoon Nets (with traditional rubber bag)
FISKNAT SPRING RIDGE--Bow:12" x 22" Handle:12" Overall:34"  $129.00 

SAN JUAN GUIDE--Bow: 12" x 22" Handle: 18" Overall:40" $139.00 

STEELHEAD PONTOON--Bow: 11" x 20" Handle: 16" Overall:36" $119.00 

COLORADO PONTOON--Bow: 14" x 22" Handle:16" Overall:38"  $139.00 

Boat Nets  (with light weight rubber bag)
Guide Boat --Bow: 15 x 23 -- Handle: 30 The Guide Boat net is a classic tear drop boat net. A very popular seller and hundreds of them have been purchased by guides. $149.00 
Clark Fork -- Bow: 14 x 25 -- Handle:30  The Clark Fork Boat net is a C & R style boat net, it was inspired by a Guide/shop owner on the Clark Fork this style of net is rapidly growing in popularity.  $149.00 

Sky Guide -- Bow: 15 x 23 -- Handle: 30 Specially designed one of a kind net, this net is the same size as our Guide Boat net we have taken a nylon skirt and attached it to the silicone rubber bag to form a deep bag for large trout or steelhead!! $159.00 





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