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Hardy Fish smoker
Supplid complete with a windshield stand, a starter bag of ‘smoke dust’ (extra bags available) and spirit burner, our portable fish smoker is ideal for hot-smoking a freshly caught trout on the bank. Black steel base with stove enameled aluminum lid. Measures 16” x 9” 4 ¼”  (41cm x 23cm x 11cm) $160.00


Andy Murrey Spey Casting DVD 

The world's most renowned Spey caster, Andy Murray, now shares with you his lifetime of skills in Spey casting in the authentic style that was developed in Scotland where the Spey cast was born.

This video covers all the basics of Spey casting; starting with how to hold the rod, then on to the roll cast, the accelerated roll cast, the single Spey cast, the double Spey cast and the overhead cast. Each step is made simple and easy to follow based on the roll cast which is the simplest form of the Spey cast. Beginners will soon understand what happens during the cast and how to master the techniques needed to enjoy fishing using the Spey cast.

Advanced Spey casters will gain a better insight into the mechanics of Spey casting and should be able to improve many aspects of their casting skills. You will learn that less effort is required to master true Spey casting once you have gone through the video which has been long awaited amongst the students who have attended Andy's Spey casting courses held in many countries around the world.

 'Wide Spool Perfect' Coaster Set of 6

A stylish and collectable addition to any fisherman’s table, this six-piece set of coasters features images of the limited edition 1902 Wide Spool Perfect Trout and 1912 Wide Spool Perfect Salmon reels.
An ideal Gift. 



Large Hardy Mug
Drink to some of the greatest Hardy achievements with this large glazed mug decorated with splendid reminders of the long Hardy heritage. Made of bone china in England.

  • Oversize “Henley” shape mug with generous 0.6l capacity
  • Dishwasher safe.


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