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Hardy Long
Scissor Pliers

Made of stainless steel, these long scissor pliers are particularly useful for de-barbing and removing hooks. Incorporating a useful spilt-shot opener and pliers.  $25.00

New - Rising Angle Tip Rancher  Pliers

The new Rancher is a pair of clamps we have been waiting some time for. The Rancher features an internal spring, riveted hinge, grooved angled tip = no fly slippage, line cutter for tippet, mono, braided line, & wire; attachment hole = easy to carry, easy to operate with one hand, easy to attach and light weight. 
Rising 6 1/4" Angle Tip Rancher
Handle Colors:  Red, Black  2.35oz  $19.50
Rising 12.5 " Angle Tip  Rancher     Handle Color: Red 6.75oz   $30.00


We understand that not everyone needs a beefy pair of pliers for their style of fishing. Most of the trout we catch are smaller than the bait some Ocean Anglers use. Similarly, there are many anglers who love scissors and smooth tips on their pliers.

Well, for those of you who like to fish light and only carry the essentials we made the Ultra-Light. This puppy utilizes our 3-Click locking mechanism for the easiest one-hand operating available. When coupled with scissors and a cutting blade and our rubber grip this is a perfect tool for hanging on a lanyard or off your shirt. One other thing - please notice how we use only one spring. Other companies with a similar handle design use two - and two are a pain, they cause the arms to pop open at the worst times. Won't happen with ours.
Length 5 3/4"
Handle Colors:  Red, Black  
Weight: 1.60oz 


Rising created the Work pliers after several BASS fisherman,  asked for a better pair of pliers. The Rising Work Pliers excell in the following functions: open split rings, crimp sleeves and weight, but braided line, operate with one hand, easy to attach and light weight.

After designing and testing pliers to meet those requirements Rising realized the Work are also a GREAT tool for the NYMPH fisherman - as the pick tip opens all sizes of split shot! Better than using your teeth or your fingers.

6" Work Pliers   Colors: Red or Black  2.60oz   $19.50 

8.5" Work Pliers   Color: Black   4.20oz   $24.00  

New - Work Pliers 6" Black w/ ground-off tip i.e.; Beefy Ultralites   Color: Black  2.50oz    $19.50

The Crocodile pliers are made for removing flies fast and easy! As the image illustrates, each part of this tool was created to address a need  - Crimping bards, cutting mono or tippet, attaching hooks to the line (locking a small fly in the croc jaws when tying a clinch-Knot makes it much easier), and most importantly a way to remove the fly from the fish without shredding it. The unconventional look of the Crocodile jaws and the thin arms leading up to them are what make this tool so exceptional for Fly Fishing, especially dry fly. The teeth, and the curved shape of the arms around the teeth allow the Angler to reach around the body of the fly and grab the body of the hook - the curve, the shank of the hook. Then depending on the size of the fish either push the hook backwards out of the set-hole or turn the hooks curve towards the sky and let gravity help.

In addition to the release method described above, the Crocs also work well when slid down the line towards the hook. Granted smart companies like Waterworks-Lamson have a Ketchum Release that works in a similar fashion - but it is one more great feature on the Croc that we want to show off - and rather than being a single function tool like theirs, our Crocs do everything and then some..

Rinse with fresh water after heavy saltwater use. Occasionally coat with Corrosion-X or similar molecular lubricant and you will never a problem. Check lock for debris and dirt to ensure smooth action.

6"  Croc Colors: Red & Black   2.25oz  $19.50  

8.5"  Croc Color: Black  4.60oz   $24.00

New - 12.5" Croc  Color: Red  8.20oz  $30.00

New Rising Special Blend Lippa - Now made in the USA.
Catch and Release doesn't mean much if the fish is scratched, dropped, and mishandled while you try to take the hook out of their lip - this is why we invented the Lippa4Life. By using the Lippa, one is able to control a fish by holding onto their lower jaw thereby making it easier to remove the hook. If the fish is not excessively large, it is better still to hold the fish by the lower jaw and roll it on its back - as this subdues the fish quickly.

The Lippa allows an angler to control a fish more easily than with their hands, and less abrasively than with a net . It is, however, important to always minimize the amount of movement in the fish while holding them with the Lippa - no reason to hurt the jaw. Best way to minimize damage to jaws is to release pressure when the fish thrashes. Similarly, with Pike and Muskie the lower jaw is very thin so best to Lippa them on the top jaw.
Super light weight: 2.20 oz    Handle Color:  Stealthy Composite Black.  $26.00  

New -  Special Blend Lippa Rigs -  (SB Lippa & Your choice of Pliers:  Crocs, Ultralite, Work or Rancher) with Cordura Holster and coil leash.   $57.00  


RISING  LIPPA  - USA 2nd Generation

The specs and images are of our flagship, $100 version. Weighs next to nothing (4 oz). It has been designed to fit easily in any size hand - if you have smaller hand your fingers can fit inside the knuckle guard, and if you hand is larger it rests comfortably outside. It has also been designed to minimize the damage to a fish's jaw - the Lippa ends will not close completely - there is always an 1/8" gap. These features and the hard anodizing finish are what make the USA Lippa worth $100.

Rising USA Anodized Lippa

Rising Anodized Lippa Rig (Anodized Lippa & Your choice of Pliers: Rancher, Crocs, Ultralite or Work)
with Leather Holster  $150.00
with Cordura Holster  $131.00  

Give Underwater Photography a try - this image was taken underwater, and shows you the best way to use the Rising Lippa. You can see how the jaws of the Lippa hold the trout securely. The shape, and rounded edges on the Lippa make it the best for trout and other "sensitive species." Similarly, it should also be obvious that if these same fish were lifted vertically out of the water with the Lippa that they would be hurt (look at the image, seeing where the Lippa holds the Trout and you should be able to imagine this area would not hold the entire weight of the Trout if it was held out of the water).

Keep the fish in the water, and DO NOT lift the fish vertically, like you see in Saltwater shots using the Boga, that is the wrong way to deal with trout. KEEP the trout in the water, control them with the Lippa and remove the hook. That way there is zero chance you will hurt the fish. The Lippa is better than using a net, holding them in your hands or 'beaching' them on the bank. The same applies to other freshwater species that have thin skin around the mouth area.




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Notice: We sell the gear top guides rely on. You will not find cheap, poor quality gear here!





















































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