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Hardy's Andy Murray Practical Spey Casting on
The River Tweed DVD

Another must have spey casting DVD by Andy Murray, and an excellent companion to Andys Tay Fishing DVD, where you can experience the best of Scotlands salmon fishing.

The quality of this DVD is Andy Murrays finest Spey Casting Instructional DVD to date! Excellent demonstrations of Spey Cast from the previous DVDs.

Multiple Slow Motion Examples of Each Spey Cast!

Plus extra tips and when to use certain casts.

Hardy's Spey guru and the worlds most renowned Spey caster, Andy Murray demonstrates spey casts on the Lower Downbeat of the Milen Graden on the River Tweed. Andy is using the new Hardy Swift Mk II Double Handed rod, Swift reel and Mach II line.

Andy covers the following casts: backhanded cast, accelerated roll cast, switch cast, making the proper single spey cast, casting in deep water, circle c cast, Snap T cast, line types for certain casts, casting in the cover of trees, tips for combating wind, turning the loop on to the side, casting undercut braches. Overhead cast, roll pick-up spey combinations, how to make big changes in direction, casting with the left and right hand, Snake roll cast, double spey using down stream wind, adding a mend to the line and slowing or adding speed to a drift.

Andy then fishes the Tweed with Gillie Jon from a boat and gives tips on rod selection for boat fishing with a spey rod and more!

Andy also goes into the history of some casts.

NTSC Format.

Price $




Vintage &
















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