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How to clean your gun:
Proper gun cleaning is not to be taken lightly. It is foolhardy to put off cleaning your gun. Remember by properly cleaning your gun you are protecting your investment.

Dismount the gun, replacing the fore-end.

Remove any water by shaking the small of the butt of the stock in your hands. Wipe off the action and the barrels.

Cleaning the barrels:

1. Ball up a small piece of newspaper and push it through the barrels using the end of the jag.

2. Spray Holland’s Gun Care Cleaner into bores and allow to penetrate for a few minutes.
3. Saturate a patch or tow with either Holland’s Gun Care Cleaner and clean out barrels thoroughly.
4. Use Holland’s Gun Care Cleaner spray to flush powder and dirt deposits away from the ejectors and action.
5. Scrub the bore with phosphor bronze brush and Holland’s Gun Care Cleaner removing all leading. Pushing the cleaning rod back and forth every several inches from chamber to muzzle and back. The first ten to fifteen inches of the barrels will need the most amount of cleaning. Scrub the barrels diligently all the way through! Your effort will pay off!
6. Clean again using patches saturated with Holland’s Nevarust or Rangoon Oil. Again, pushing the cleaning rod back and forth every several inches from chamber to muzzle and back. Check for any remaining fowling and repeat until clean.
7. Dry out with patches.
8. Apply a neat coat Holland’s Nevarust or Rangoon Oil with wool mop.
We recommend Holland’s Nevarust Oil for regular cleaning throughout the season and Holland’s Rangoon Oil when cleaning for longer periods of storage.

Tip: avoid storing baize covered rods inside your barrels, this will promote rusting.

Cleaning the extractors:
Then raise the extractors and clean away the fouling under the extractors and action recesses. This is an important job.

Make sure to dry the gutters on both sides of the rib. Use an oily rag to wipe out the gutters, then the barrels removing any finger marks. Set the barrels up allowing excess water to drain away.

Cleaning the Stock:
1. Gently scrub the checkering with a brush to remove any dirt. A toothbrush will work fine.
2. Wipe the metal work off with an oily rag.
3. Dab a very small drop of oil under the top lever, where the trigger blades extend from the action, into the pinholes and safety catch. It is unwise to use too much oil! Over oiling will gum-up the locks, irregularity of the pulls and cause the wood to swell.
4. Then, rub the stock with a little oil or polishing wax. It is recommend that the manufacturer or a professional lift any dents and professionally polish the stock between seasons.

Cleaning the fore-end:
1. Gently scrub the checkering with a brush to remove any dirt. A toothbrush will work fine.
2. Dab a very small amount of oil on the ejector springs, the flats, the joined catch and the action face.

You are now ready to store your gun. If possible store your gun fully assembled.

Proper care of your gun will give as much please as their use. It is wise to have the maker or a well known professional overhaul your gun at seasons end.

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Recommend with use of:
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