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  Light Line Trout Rods:


Extremely lightweight, four-piece, multi-section brook rod
Middle action loads for short line casting
Ideal for light tippets
Looks glorious in deep, translucent blue

The Marvel
Hardy developed the Graphite Marvel fly rod for light line fly fishing for the yamamee, a relative to the brook trout, am art form in its own right. The Marvel is becoming a worldwide great seller as an increasing number of purists have recognized the Marvel as the exceptional lightweight brook rod on the market today.

The Graphite Marvel has a smooth and easy middle action which makes it ideal for targeting rising fish in stream, small rivers and exceptionally tight casting zones. The line loads easily for short line casting, allowing you to cover your target swiftly, accurately and delicately. The Marvel is the perfect solution for easily spooked fish as it is gentle with the lightest of tippets and simply sighs the fly on to the water.

The perfect tool for spring creeks and small stream stalking. 
  Marvel Graphite Rod Series
 Model  Line  Sections  Weight  Price:
 6'6"  #2  4pc  3oz  84g    $700.00
8'8"  #3  4pc  3 3/4oz  105g    $725.00
 7'11"  #4  4pc    $745.00

                Have tried nearly every make of rod and find none to equal Hardy Rods.  C.W. COURTNEY. - 1930 Hardy Guide

  I used the rod yesterday and find it to be perfect. After having used other rods before I now regret not having had one of your make until now.
Gudbrasdsdalen, Norway.                      H.W.C. TINKER. - 1917 Hardy Guide

"HARDY'S" is the last word in fishing rods and tackle. Avoid the imitators who tell you the old, old story, they are "just as good as Hardy's." Your safeguard is to see that the name "House of Hardy" is stamped on all rods, reels, etc. 

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