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~ Hardy Fly Lines  ~
Hardy Perfection Fly Lines

The Perfection Fly Line Range
If you want a floating line that allows you to lift a really good length of line off the water, then you need one that has superb buoyancy. Our new Perfection floating line fits the bill. Available in a golden tan color, it stays right at the top so you can aerialise it in an instant with minimum disturbance to the water. Itís soft, forgiving and a line for the connoisseur. It also has a taper profile that gives optimum momentum to a cast line so you cast a good distance with minimum effort.


Model Length (yds/m) Price
Perfection DT 4F 30/27 $56
Perfection DT 5F 30/27 $56
Perfection DT 6F 30/27 $56
Perfection DT 7F 30/27 $56
Perfection WF 4F 30/27 $56
Perfection WF 5F 30/27 $56
Perfection WF 6F 30/27 $56
Perfection WF 7F 30/27 $56
Perfection WF 8F 30/27  $56

                                                                                          FOREST SERVICE BUILDINGS, OG-DEN, UTAH, 21/9/29.
                Use of tackle of your manufacture over a period of nearly twenty-five years has given me great satisfaction.   S.B. LOCKE. - 1930 Hardy Guide

I am extremely satisfied with the rods, line, reel, etc. You have in a masterly style built what I wish, and will favour you in future with all my orders.
Montpellier.                                                                       LOUIS DíALBENAS (Baron). - 1917 Hardy Guide


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