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Steelhead & Salmon Rods:
”Once a salmon angler-always a salmon angler” is certainly true, and he who has not tasted the pleasures it affords may regret that one of the many charms if existence has been lost to him. – 1905 Hardy Guide, 1999 USA.

Origin Salmon Fly Rod - 5 Piece

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new 5-piece Origin Salmon fly rod. Many hours of research, development & tireless testing have, with the Origin series, pushed the boundaries of carbon-fibre fly rod technology further than ever before.

The Origin Salmon rod provides performance in a multi-section salmon fly rod previously thought unattainable. The final layers of woven carbon fibre add the final dimension, providing extra strength and preventing distortion of the blank’s tubular shape, often experienced under the stress of roll or Spey casting.

Finished in a lustrous autumn brown with gold detailing the Origin also sports the unique Dr. Hamish helical reel fitting with a painstakingly shaped highest quality flor-grade cork handle with neoprene butt cap and nickel silver connection.

All this and weighing in at only 11oz. Supplied complete with a vent-lock aluminium tube with ventilated screw cap and protective sock, the Origin also provides a highly attractive package any angler would be proud to own, perfectly complementing its status as, arguably, the best salmon fly rod in the world.

"Arguably, the best salmon fly rod in the world."

Origin Salmon Fly




































Handle shape: A = two part shaped
Reel seat: 1 = Brown anodised downlocking Dr. Hamish helical with woven carbon spacer
Blank colour: Autumn brown woven

                                                                                                                                       FLORIDA, U.S.A.
                It may interest you to hear that I have landed a tarpon weighing 118lbs. on the Cholmondeley Pennell Rod I purchased from you some time ago. I have killed fish in many foreign countries with this rod as well as at home, it has never been sent to be repaired in any way. The tarpon I  mention weighing 118lbs. was on for an hour and five minutes, during the whole time I played him as hard as the strength of the tackle would allow, and the rod was bent nearly double during all this time, but it is as straight as ever after this severe test.
                                                                                                                                    CHARLES C. DALLAS. - 1905 Hardy Guide


The Elite is the ultimate luxury fly rod. Two double-handed salmon fly rods designed to provide you with perfect presentation.

The blank has been constructed from a unique combination of carbon fiber cloth with different flexing properties from tip to butt. The result is a fast, progressive action that combines power with accuracy, allowing exceptional control at short or long range.

Each rod is finished in a deep translucent blue with contrasting cobalt blue tyings with metallic blue tippings and has a hard anodized reel fitting. Chrome, high arch snake rings and aluminum oxide stripper guides allow the line to shoot with amazing ease. The handle is constructed from the densest flor grade cork shives. Each rod is supplied with a Cordura covered tube and partitioned cloth bag.
Length     Line  Weight        Weight        Pcs        Price          
13'4"          #9                          9 3/4oz          3           $885
15'4"          #10                        11 7/8oz        3           $960  

Hardy Salar salmon

The 12'6" Salar is an important milestone in the development of lightweight salmon rods. Using cutting-edge carbon fibre technology and traditional Hardy craftsmanship, an extremely light yet strong blank has been created. The rod's responsive middle to tip action makes it perfect for Spey or overhead casting, and transmits all the excitement of the fight.
Length     Line  Weight        Weight        Pcs        Price         
12'6"         #9                            8oz              3            $595

                                                                                                                            NORTH SYDNEY, N.S., CANADA.
  Am quite a lover of Salmon Fishing and find no goods like Hardy's.   A.W.S.  - 1934 Hardy Guide

Hardy Gem Salmon

  • Ground-breaking new salmon fly rod for Spey or overhead casting
  • Fast progressive action
  • Superb dampening characteristics
  • Accuracy and control for long or short range casting
  • 4 Sections for easy travelling

Our casting expert considers this rod to be the greatest leap forward in multi-modulus salmon rod design since Hardy pioneered carbon fibre rod-making. It breaks new ground with its fast progressive action and superb dampening characteristics that eliminate line oscillation. Hand-tailored spigot joints allow the smoothest uninterrupted action. Whether you're Spey or overhead casting it will give you more control at long or short range than ever before, and it will cast wet or dry lines with equal ease.

The blank is finished in a beautiful translucent emerald green with matching tyings securing two lined stripping guides, high arch chrome intermediate snake rings and a hayfork tip ring. The handle is made of the highest quality flor grade cork and features a clear-anodised Dr Hamish helical reel fitting.

Available in a series of 3 sizes, this rod breaks down into 4 sections for easy travelling and comes with a partitioned cloth bag and its own cordura-covered rod tube.

Length     Line  Weight   Weight        Pcs        Price         
12'             #8                      7 3/4oz         4            $690  
13'             #9                      9 oz              4            $750 
15'             #10                    10 1/2oz       4            $850    

                                                                                                                            EDGBASTON, 5/7/33.
This "Drywet" Fly Box is undoubtedly the best on the market.  F.B.S. - 1934 Hardy Guide

Hardy Salmon Travel
In response to public demand we recently developed our 4 piece 15’ Salmon Travel fly rod and it instantly became a best-seller. Now we are adding an 11’ 6" rod that’s ideal for grilse, large sea-trout and summer steelhead fishing. It conveniently breaks down into four pieces to fit into a partitioned cloth bag and 36" x 2 ˝" Cordura rod tube that can be carried as hand luggage aboard an aircraft. A progressive middle to tip action makes it equally comfortable for overhead casting or rolling a Spey cast. The natural grey, polished blank has slim overfit joints and emerald green tyings. Two double-lined stripping guides, high arch chrome snake intermediate rings and a hayfork tip ring allow the smoothest line shoot. The handle is made of the highest quality flor grade cork and features a pearl-anondised Dr. Hamish helical reel fitting.
Length     Line  Weight        Weight        Pcs        Price          
11'6"         #8                           7 1/2oz        4             $795
15'             #10                        10 1/3oz       4             $840 

Handle shape: E = Two part shaped
Reel seat: Dr Hamish helical screwed downlocking clear anodized fitting, cork covered housing and spacer.

     There are a number of your rods in Ocean Falls and we all swear by them. Mr.___ has lately received his and is more than pleased with it. We don't consider a man is a fly fisherman unless he has a "Hardy."   R.H.V.  - 1937 Coronation Hardy Guide

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