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  Trout Rods:
Texas, 2/10/25.
Previous to buying this rod, I have used a good many American commercial rods, and the “Hardy” is the first really satisfactory rod I have found.
                                                                                                                                                       H. A. DRANE.  1926 Hardy Guide

            I tried my 12 ft. rod I had from you, and I must say it is by far the best rod I have ever used, I got out 25 yards of line without any difficulty. My American spilt cane is not in it, and I shall be glad if I can sell it for half the amount I gave for it. –                                                                                                                                  J. W. KELLEWAY. – 1905 Hardy Guide

 A wonderful new series of graphite rods that are sure to delight the angler who prizes the action of a Palakona but prefers the use of more modern rod making materials. Available in three sizes that are sure to be the perfect tool for spring creeks and small stream stalking. 
  Marvel Graphite Rod Series
 Model  Line  Sections  Weight  Price:
 6'6"  #2  4pc  3oz  84g    $640.00
8'8"  #3  4pc  3 3/4oz  105g    $670.00
 7'11"  #4  4pc    $675.00

                 New- Hardy Origin Trout 4-Piece Rods
House of Hardy is delighted to announce the launch of the new Origin 4-piece series of trout fly rods. Designed using the same research, development and testing regime from which the Origin Salmon rods were conceived, the Origin trout rods offer unsurpassed performance with a lightness only ever dreamt of before in a multi-section rod. (For example, the 10’ #7 model weighs in at a mere 4 1/4oz).

Finished in a lustrous brown with gold highlights and complete with vent-lock aluminium tube & sock, the Origin trout rods feature a stunning but practical uplocking reel fitting with nickel silver shaped band and locking nut plus an Amboyna wood spacer. Together with a handle shaped from only the finest flor-grade cork befitting one of the best trout rods in the world, the Origin is a complete package, which the most discriminating of anglers will aspire to own.

  Origin Trout Rods
 Model  Line  Sections  Weight  Price:
 8'6"  #4  4pc  3oz  84g    $685.00
 9'  #5  4pc  3 3/4oz  105g    $750.00
 9'  #6  4pc  3 7/8oz  108g  $750.00
 9'6"  #7  4pc  4oz   112g   $800.00
 10'  #7  4pc  4 1/4oz 119g    $855.00

                 NEWTOWN PARK, April 20th
I have tried the rod you made for me a few weeks ago; I am glad to say I consider it quite perfect and the best I have ever handled.
                                                                          Yours truly, T. DUPLESSES. – 1888 Hardy Guide

The superiority of “Hardy” Rods is not merely a mater of smarter appearance, but in the very marked superiority in style and perfect balance and action of each for its particular work, due to superior craftsmanship, the supervision and constant testing by the best-known practical anglers of the present day, whose efforts to improve never cease. This is not entirely a business interest, but an enthusiast’s hobby, as it has always been to Hardy’s. 1934,1937,.. Hardy Guides

NEW ~ The Zephyrus Glass Rods ~

A dream of a glass rod! Presents a fly like a feather. Swelled butt gives a firmer action to please to most critical glass aficionado. A superb rod for the graphite angler wanting to try the best of glass rods.

5'9" 3pc 5'9" #2/3  
6'8" 3pc 6'8" #3  
7'7" 3pc 7'7" #3 $575.00
Comes with glass rod tubs with laser engraved Hardy logo on cap.

Hardy Perfection Glass Rods
From 1967 to 1975 Hardy made a series of glass fiber rods called JETs. JET stood for John E. Tarantino, who was a highly respected American rod designer who worked for the Fisher Rod Company. JETs were extremely popular because of their durability and bamboo-like feel. For 1998 we are proud to introduce two Perfection Glass rods, which are very similar to the JETs of 30 years ago. Made of "E" glass and fitted with spigot ferrule joints, the Perfections are full flexing rods with a fluid feel that is unparelled by any competitive rod. With their high tensile strength, Perfections are extremely durable and the best available rod to protect very fine tippets. They are dyed a deep glossy black and tied with ruby thread. The handle and reel seat are made of continuous "Flor" grade cork and fitted with an aluminum "W" fitting with slide band similar to the Lightweight Palakonas. Deluxe rod bag, aluminum tube and polished aluminum ferrule plugs are standard features.

Model     Length        Line        Pcs    Grip       Weight        Price
6'6"                               #3            3      Cigar      2 1/4oz         $375
7'            #3    3  Cigar 2 oz    $380
7'6"          #3    3  Cigar 2 1/2oz $385
7'6"                               #4            3      Cigar      2 3/8oz          $385

… the beginner usually employs about ten times as much force as is necessary, but once  he has grasped the fact tat the rod – if left to itself – will do the needful, he will experience a new joy in fishing.   Jock Scott  - 1960 Hardy Guide


Hardy Featherlite Rods   Featherlite rods are the finest small trout rods Hardy has ever created.   Designed with an inclined tip for generating high line speeds when needed. Featherlites cast beautifully with either a quick power stroke or a slow, methodical rhythm. Ideal for small streams, spring creeks and farm ponds. Exceptionally light, made of two graphite cloths, finished in a deep translucent burgundy with matching thread, flor  grade cork with uplocking nickel silver ring. Deluxe rod bag, aluminum tube and nickel silver ferrule plugs standard.  

Model    Length     Line    Pcs    Grip        Weight         Price    
7'6"                               3       3        Cigar       2  3/8oz      $475 
8'                                   4       3        Cigar       2  1/2oz      $480  
8'6"                               5       3        Cigar       2  5/8oz      $485 

  I used the rod yesterday and find it to be perfect. After having used other rods before I now regret not having had one of your make until now.
Gudbrasdsdalen, Norway.                      H.W.C. TINKER. - 1917 Hardy Guide

   GemSmuggler, The Complete Anglers Set  &   New Featherlite Smugglers  

        Featherlite Smuggler Rods
The Featherlite Smuggler is for the angler who demands one of the lightest multi-piece travel rods available. Inclined tip for high line speed yet capable of a slow methodical casting rythem. Half wells grip and Leather Tube Compliment this wonderful rod.

6'6" 4pc 6'6" #2 $675.00
7'0" 5pc 7'0" #2 $675.00
7'6" 5pc 7'6" #3 $675.00
8'0" 6pc 8'0" #4 $685.00
8'6" 6pc 8'6" #5 $685.00

CANTERBURY, February 19, 1885.
DEAR SIRS, - It gives me much pleasure to bear testimony to the excellence of the Split-Cane Rod I had of you two years ago. I have seen no rod of the same kind by any other makers at all equal to it.          I am, dear Sirs, yours faithfully,    G.S. AUSTIN – 1888 Hardy Guide

Very many thanks for rod. It is a gem. I tried it to-day and killed eleven  brace of good trout.
Llaudiendod Wells.                                          CHAS. STEWART-DAVIES. - 1917 Hardy Guide

Award-winning range for trout, sea trout & salmon

Accuracy and control at long or short range
Strong tip action
Superb dampening characteristics

Designed for easy traveling

  • The ultimate back-packing fly rod
  • Fast middle to tip action
  • Excellent for accurate long or short distance casting
  • 6 sections fit into 21" rod tube

We have added another Gem Smuggler to our existing range to give anglers the option of a lighter #5 line weight in the 9' rod. The combination of a traditional Smuggler rod that fits discreetly into your back pack with a fast middle to tip action that characterises the Gem family is unbeatable. The rod breaks down into six sections, and when put together the hand-tailored Hardy patent spigot joints, unsure that each rod arches in a perfect hoop when fully flexed. It performs impeccably at short or long distances with all the power and accuracy you would expect from the Gem range. The rod blank is translucent emerald green, fitted with matching tyings securing lined stripping rings, high arch intermediate snake rings and a hayfork tip ring. The reversed half wells flor grade cork handle features a permali spacer and reel fitting in nickel silver. Each rod is supplied with a partitioned cloth bag and a cordura rod tube.

The 15' Gem salmon and the 9' #6 both won top distance casting awards in the 2002 Norwegian Open Championships.

"It really lives up to its name - it is a little 'gem'"
TROUT FISHERMAN magazine gives the Hardy Gem 5 stars out of 5 and the "Recommended" award.

Gem Smuggler fly rod
Length AFTM Weight Pc Ha Re Ro
ft/ins cm   oz g        
7'9" 236 #4 31/2 99 5 A 1 21"x2.5"
8'6" 259 #5 33/4 106 6 A 1 19"x2.5"
9' 274 #5 4 113 6 A 1 21"x2.5"
9' 274 #6 4 113 6 A 1 21"x2.5"
9' 274 #8 43/4 135 5 B 2 23"x2.5"
9'3" 282 #7 41/2 128 6 B 1 21"x2.5"

Handle shape: A = reversed half wells, B = elongated full wells
Reel seat: 1 = nickel silver, uplocking, shaped sliding band and locking nut,
wood spacer and cork covered housing, 2 = Dr Hamish screw-keyed, uplocking,
black anodised double-locking nuts and cork housing
Blank colour: Gem green 

I have used one of your dry fly rods for five years, and it has given every satisfaction.
Pretoria.                                                                                 J.W. PHOLLIPS  - 1917 Hardy Guide

Complete Angler Gem Set
The best selling 9' 5weight Gem Smuggler, a robust aluminum flight case with removable foam inserts so you can reshape the layout around your essential accessories. Hardy Ultralite disc large arbor reel, spare spool, wf5f and wf5i lines preloaded on the reel, wheatley fly box, one bottle of floatant, sinkant & reel oil and cordura rod tube.
width 28.54", height 10. 63", Depth 4.92."  Priced nicely at: $1450

If fortune turns I shall have goods from you once more, as experience has proved to me that your goods are the best obtainable.    J.W.H.  – 1930 Hardy Guide

You will be interested to know that this rod has had almost constant use for about 40 years, and is as good as ever.   C.W.H. - 1934  Hardy Guide

The rod has arrived quite safely to-day, and I consider the balance and action of it perfect in every way.
Dublin.                                                                                                 J.  LESLIE  HARRIS. – 1917 Hardy Guide 

"HARDY'S" is the last word in fishing rods and tackle. Avoid the imitators who tell you the old, old story, they are "just as good as Hardy's." Your safeguard is to see that the name "House of Hardy" is stamped on all rods, reels, etc. 

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