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Old Time Angler 

  ~ Hunting Accessories ~            

Dog Bell - Swiss dog bell with distinctive sound, slips over most collars. $8.50

Sporting Tie -
fine quality 100% silk. Pattern: Pointer $46.50

Seat Sticks - Vintage Shooting Sticks:
Crooked seat stick with leather handle and folding seat with base storage. Shaft black lacquered finish. $125.00

Victorian bamboo seat stick with folding seat with swivel, polished brash fittings, $695.00

Safari Camp Chairs: Dark wood construction with leather seat and back in two patterns: dark brown croc or vintage croc. Limited production. $185.00

Coat Racks -
 Wooden wall-mounted coat racks using authintic English shotgun cartridges. Perfect for any entryway, mudroom, bedroom, or gunroom. Priced from  $28.50

Playing Cards -
Purdey Cards $36.50/box. Cards feature vintage Purdey cartridges. You'll want at lest two of these collectable decks of cards!

Paperweights -
12g shell boxes from varies English gun makers. $19.50 Vintage lacquer finish. Cedar wood insert. Distressed finish also available. $22.50 We can also turn your shell box into a paperweight, just inquire.

Leather Coasters -
Set of 4 leather coasters $19.50 Available in three finishes: Dark brown, Dark Brown Croc, Vintage Croc.

Cartridge Bags - Westley Richards Leather & Canvas Cartridge Bag, 12g 100 ct size. $200






Tip: A game bag with front style netting is best if carrying your own game. It is best however, to hang game as soon as possible allowing it to cool.

Game Bag - This House of Hardy Troutfisher Bag works great as a Game Bag!  A strong bag with one compartment and two inside pockets. Large gusset. Size 15" x 14" (38cm x 36cm) $280

Westley Richards Courteney Boots

Shooting Accessories
Ties, Playing Cards, Paperweights, Leather Coasters, Coat Racks etc…

Shotgun Ammo (Cartridges)
Holland & Holland, Bismuth, Lyalvale and Westley Richards

Case Accessories
Selvyt Cloths, Cleaning Rods, Fittings & Pouches

Gun Cleaning
Holland & Holland: Rangoon oil, Nevarust, Boxed Patches, etc…

Guides, Dog trainers, Kennels, Information on shoots, etc…






























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2 cans of H&H gun cleaner
1 can H&H Nevarust
1 box of H&H patches

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