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We have just added more top performing new gear you'll want to check out. We search the world over for the best gear, and although we could carry everything made by every manufacturer we have decided to select the very best. As an old Hardy catalog once noted: "We believe in buying it once and buying it right."

TL Johnson Fly Rods
Terry's range of saltwater rods are receiving top fan fare by all those who have tried them and most now fish them. A selection was sent down to Mexico for the guides to try, these guides have seen all the poplar rods, the Sages, Scotts, etc... after a few casts they left their other rods on the ground, convinced the new TL Johnson saltwater rods are the best around, literally hands down. I'm sure you will too!

The new TL Jonhson Glass rods are the real deal!

Hardy Bougle Mk VI Reels - Just in!!!
The classic Bougle has just been bettered once again by Hardy. The new reel features a design we have pushed for for the last ten years.

Hardy Marksman Rods, Reels, Lines & Nets (
Marksman Nets now available!)
Pre-order a Marksman reel now and receive a free line and backing!
Marksman rods are light, fast and pin-point accurate.
Marksman reels are the lightweight reel for light line fishing! Stunning spindle-less design.

Hardy Zane Rods, Reels & Lines

Pre-order a Zane reel now and receive a free line and backing!
“There are always greater fish than you have caught, always the lure of greater task and achievement, always the inspiration to seek, to endure, to find, always the beauty of the lonely stream and open sea, always the glory and dream of nature.” Tales of the Anglers’ El Dorado, Zane Grey

Hardy Products on DVD
Hardy team presents their new products on DVD, this is a must see and a must for the Hardy collector.

Andy Murray Practical Spey Casting on Tweed DVD
This is THE BEST spey instructional DVD by Andy to date. Very good instruction, slow motion repeats. A must have, great scenery! Watch Andy handle the new Swift DH spey rods with impressive ease.

Andy Murray Fishing the Tay DVD
If you've ever dreamed of fishing in England, or on the Tay, this is the DVD for you. Makes a wonderful compliment to the Tweed DVD.

Hardy Tour 1 DVD
Watch as Hardy tests their rods...

Hardy Swift DH Spey Fly Rods
The Hardy Swift DH is VERY LIGHT IN HAND and very affordable. These are the DH rods for a lifetime of fishing big waters and big fish. 4pc construction. Priced from $695

Cliff's Bugger Beast Fly Boxes, Bugger Barn, Big Cliff, Strait- N-Dry, Boat patches, & the Spooler
The Bugger Beast is the MUST HAVE big fly box! If you cast large flies at large fish! Available in two sizes, the Beast and the Beast jr. Uses the same time-tested, hook gripping, slotted blue material as Cliff's famous Bugger Barn. Super-tough PVC with double locks.

The Bugger Barn is world famous, very popular with spey fishermen in BC.

Big Cliff features: foam strips for dry flies and streamers, plus a strong magnetic pad to secure the wet flies, nymphs and scuds.

The Cliff Strait-N-Dry gets it all done in one piece.
The Cliff's Spooler offers your spool selection a little western Wyoming flare.

Brodin Ghost Nets

The Brodin Ghost nets bag disappears when in the water. Featuring a:molded rubber bag that is extremely light in weight and can be easily carried with a magnetic release. Two plies of lightweight teak on the inside of the frame where the bow meets the handle. Both the Gallatin and Cutthroat Float Tube model have a re-enforced yoke and feature a mayfly design on every net. We love these lightweight nets!

Sport Tools Magnetic Net Release
We've seen every net release around and I'll tell you there is none better than Sport Tools version. Twice as strong as the competition, yet still small in size and nicely anodized in blue.

Fisknat Nets
These nets are becoming the favorite nets of guides and all anglers who use them. Strong lightweight rubber nets are fish friendly. Beautiful hard woods. Available in sizes to meet the needs of stream fishermen to big western water guides.

Sport Tools Note Pads
These note pads are a wonderful present for any sportsman or woman. Paper features a: Trout, Saltwater Fly, Pheasant, your choice.

Rising Anodized Lippa 4's & nippers
Fish friendly tools that are a must have no matter where you fish or what you fish for, Risings tools let you catch and release fish free of harm.

Boss Tin
Getting the lead out of our rivers and streams just got easier. Boss Tin's stix-n-stonz and egg shaped weights are just the ticket for getting your fly down fast and in an environmentally friendly way.

Cortland Precision Fly Lines




Special Offer:
  Grey's Greyflex M2 Double hander Rod - special offer!
Includes Hardy's Basic Spey Casting DVD, Advanced Spey Casting DVD, & A Hardy Mach 2 Salmon Fly Line. While current stock lasts!    Size 15' #10 $585.00





Vintage &





































Hardy CC de France Celebration Set




Hardy’s craftsmen will begin creating a highly collectable Celebration Set, Each set comprises a seven-foot, four- weight, ‘C.C. de France’ split-bamboo rod in two pieces, with a spare top section, along with a silver anodized 3" Bougle Fly Reel, uniquely inscribed with ‘C.C. de France’. Also included is a double-taper, four-weight silk fly line by Phoenix Lines, commemorative medal embossed with the ‘C.C. de France’ logo and a detailed history of the rod, personally signed by Jim Hardy. The set is presented in a fine Italian leather carrying case. To reserve one of these very special rod sets please contact us or click to
Learn More!

The ‘C.C. de France’ Celebration Set $7995.00

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