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 HARDY Gem MkII     

   “Here on the Keys even a five pound jack can pull your arms off. Believe it. These fish are built for fighting. And the king is the tarpon. Man, those big old herrings move so fast the fly line hisses like a snake. Only needs a single thing to go wrong and that’s it. Bang. Bust. Not your lucky day.

That’s why I’m happy with Hardy. Everything they make. But the Gem is special. Salt resistance is exceptional. The upgraded aluminum is good. But best is that Avcarb disc brake. Don’t know how they do it, or care come to that, but the outcome is a reel that gives line smooth as silk however fast the critters run.” Dave Gibson. Big Pine, Florida, April 2005


Dave is quite right to highlight the Avcarb disc brake system used by the Gem Mk II. Avcarb is a carbon fiber material used in the braking systems of Stealth Bombers and Formula One racing cars.


The reason behind this is that Avcarb disperses heat very quickly indeed. It hardly expands or contracts in either ferocious heat or freezing cold. Most importantly for the angler, when a tarpon or salmon sets off at the speed of light (at the very moment when many other drag systems give up the ghost and lock solid) the Avcarb simply purrs and purrs. It’s an extraordinary material: you can totally immerse it in water or even in oil and it won’t lose its braking properties. There’s also the large, easy-grip drag knob to allow fast, precise adjustment and it comes with an incredibly high top-end setting – perfect for big fish exploits. Of course, Dave hasn’t taken all the technicalities on board, why should he. He’ll simply be glad that they’re there for him when he’s stuck into that two hundred pounder of his dreams.

Upgraded aluminum for increased lightness and extra strength
• Beautiful satin blue anodized color with silver detailing
• Three stainless ball bearings for fast and extra-smooth line retrieval
• Larger, easy-grip rear drag knob with higher top setting
• Raised ‘anti-snag’ reel pillars
• Fully saltwater resistant
• Avcarb disc brake for lower start-up inertia
• Available in 5/6 weight to 11/12 weight options

A new, updated and improved version of the already popular Gem (Editor’s choice, Fly Fish America magazine).

 HARDY Gem MkII Fly Reel

Model Diameter Weight  Line Capacity (m) Price  Spool
5/6 3 5/8" 6 7/8 oz DT5+ 120m / WF6 + 155m $585 $195
7/8  3 ¾” 7 3/8 oz  DT7+125m / WF8 + 185m $615 $200
8/9 3 13/16” 8 1/8 oz DT8+210m / WF9 + 310m $635 $205
9/10  3 13/16” 8 13/16 oz DT9+360m / WF10 + 470m $655 $220
10/11 4 1/16” 9 5/16 oz DT10+400m / WF11 + 570m $675 $230
11/12 4 ¼ “ 9 13/16 oz DT11+410m / WF12 + 685m $715 $240

*Capacities given use a Saltwater fly line and Gel-spun backing.

Hardy Reel Oil:
 Hardy reel oil is specially formulated to lubricate and protect your Hardy reel. A quick application ensures silky performance in every fishing situation. No better way to bring new life to a classic Hardy reel. 25ml 
$9.95 each.




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