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Hardy Angel Fly Reel


The Hardy Angel performance fly reels represent the absolute pinnacle from a specification, performance and design perspective. These reels set the standard to which every manufacturer must now aspire. Competitively priced, the five-model range is set to become one of the best-selling Hardy reels of all time. The reel is made from the highest quality aluminum, specially manufactured to ensure both lightness and extreme strength. It is then subjected to an accelerated maturing and stress relieving process that gives the highest possible performance and durability.

The reel is anodized to architectural standards that increase the hardness of the aluminum by an amazing four hundred percent. The satin-silver finish is deliberately made anti-glare and is complemented by champagne-gold highlights that proclaim the reel for what it is – a timeless masterpiece.

  • Revolutionary new design, stunning appearance

  • Large twin Rulon brake pads for super smooth powerful drag system

  • Low profile dial drag for easy palm or finger micro-adjustment
    Texalium handle for a, comfortable grip in all weather conditions

  • Raised ‘anti-snag’ reel seat

  • Large arbor for less line memory, quick line retrieval and low start-up inertia  

 Hardy Angel Fly Reel: Specifications - Free Global Shipping!

Model Diameter Weight Line Capacity (m) $ Price Spool
4/5 3.38"/86mm 6oz/170g DT4 + 45 yds/WF5 + 55 yds $695  $280 
6/7 3.38"/86mm 6.7oz/190g DT6 + 70 yds/WF7 + 90 yds $725  $320 
7/8  3.62"/92mm 6.9oz/196g DT7 + 110 yds/WF8 + 155 yds $795  $335 
9/10 3.85"/98mm     11.5oz/327g  DT9 + 100 yds/WF10 + 170 yds  $850  $360 
11/12 4.19"/106mm 11.9oz/338g  DT11 + 90 yds/WF12 + 210 yds $895  $390 

Tip: A spare spool is always a wise investment.




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