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Hardy Bouglé Mk VI Fly Reel

Bouglé MkVI Lightweight Reel
One of the most famous pools on one of the most famous salmon rivers, the Namsen in Norway, in part derives its name from the Bouglés. The pool is called the Music Box reputedly because of the number of big fish over the years running line off our singing 
Bouglé! Indeed, when you think about the Bouglé, it’s the glorious sound of the check that stays with you. It’s a reel with voice. And when a big fish runs, it’s a reel that sings!

It’s easy to forget that the Bouglé MkVI is derived from the older, equally classic Perfect. The Perfect ran on ball bearings which made it the smoothest winding reel of its time - yet time has in no way dated the muscular beauty of the Bouglé. This new Bouglé has been enhanced by the return of the reel to its original clear anodised aluminum finish. With its ivorine handle, the Bouglé does look at its very best in its sumptuous silver sheen. The ventilated spool and aluminum spindle both help with the reel’s lightness but don’t do anything to compromise its legendary strength.

In short, it’s a reel you can trust and enjoy in equal measure

  •  A Classic Hardy reel still built in England! (We have just a few of these left!)
  • Timeless styling and lightweight design
  • Easy left- right conversion
  • Unmistakable ‘hardy sound’
  • Ivorine handle




 Hardy Bouglé Mk VI  Fly Reel: Specifications - Free Global Shipping! - NEW LOWER PRICES!

Model Diameter Weight Line Capacity (m) $ Price Spool
3" 3" 3.7oz/105g DT2 +70m/WF3 + 50m $449 $159
3 1/4" 3 1/4" 4.1oz/116g  DT4+ 100m/WF5 + 100m $475 $169
3 1/2" 3 1/2" 4 3/8oz/125g DT6+70m $499 $179
3 3/4" 3 3/4" 6.8oz/193g DT8+ 100m/WF9 + 100 m $675 UK
$525 Korean
4" 4" 9oz/256g  DT10 + 225m    $725 UK
$549 Korean

Tip: A spare spool is always a wise investment.




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