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Hardy Demon Fly Reel 

Whether your fishing demands you use the widest range of fly lines or just a floater, intermediate and sinker, you’ll love the new Demon reel!

Built from 6061 barstock aluminum with a tough GT4 Grivory composite spool, the Demon reel benefits from a Rulon multi-disc braking system with four pads. The Demon comes with a custom case and two additional spare spools so you can afford to carry all the lines you need. With an innovative touch-button spool release and unique locking system you can change a Demon spool easily - and reliably - in seconds. In any condition. Every time. The Demon is a high quality, feature filled reel with great looks and even greater performance. The perfect partner for a new Demon rod.



"Hardy has never had a reel in its range which incorporates inexpensive non-metal cartridge spools and we have been working for some time to fill this gap. We are confident that the Demon is the one," John Wolstenholme, Hardy Market Manager.
  • Supplied in a padded Cordura reel case with 2 spare spools

  • High impact, reinforced GT4 Grivory composite spools

  • Top grade 6061 barstock aluminum cage and spool housing with ultra-strong screw and nut construction

  • Four disc Rulon brake

  • Positive drag adjuster

  • Touch-button spool release

  • Unique spool locking system

  • Tool-less left/right hand conversion

  • Hard Anodized finish

 Hardy Demon Fly Reel: Specifications  - Free Global Shipping!

Model Diameter Weight Line Capacity (m) $ Price Extra
Additional  Spools
New- Demon 3000 3.34"/85mm 6.7oz DT3+45m/DT4+25m/WF5+30m $375 $20
Demon 5000 3.6" / 91mm 6.9oz DT5+65m/DT6 + 40M / WF7 + 70M $399 $20
Demon 7000 3.85" / 98mm 7.48oz DT7+97m/DT8 + 55M / WF9 + 105M $425 $20
New- Demon 9000 4.21"/107mm 8.67oz WF9+258m/WF10+250m/WF12+225m $449 $20

Tip: A spare spool is always a wise investment.




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