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  Hardy Angel  TE Fly Rod

The TE version of the Angel is a rod like no other! Unlike a standard Angel, resplendent in its shades of autumn gold, the TE is stunning in silver, but it is the performance that will shake your soul.

Hardy's Howard Croston explains, “We began to realize that the potential of the Angel design is so vast that we could push it further and further, creating a tool to satisfy the experienced caster. The result is the TE. This is a rod that is extraordinarily, unbelievably quick and in the right hands can deliver extreme distance and accuracy whilst still casting nice short lines.

“But this isn’t a forgiving rod. It throws up endless challenges and even the most expert of us here at Hardy had to concentrate to get the considerable best out of it. However, those of you who look at fishing through professional eyes may very well find in the TE the answer to your prayers.”

“The TE was designed to show just what was possible from a fast action fly rod. The rod responds fantastically well to a short, controlled casting stroke and the tip of the TE follows your hand as though you had hold of the line itself. These rods track, dampen and recover like no other, so if you need casting accuracy at thirty yards, you need an Angel TE."

• The ultimate, high-performance fly fishing rod  
• Ultra-fast action for the tightest possible loops
• Low profile blanks reduce drag and improve tracking for long casting
• Computer-aided weight distribution for supreme lightness and balance
• Fast dampening for energy-efficient, super-smooth loop formation 
• The zenith of modern, fast-action fly rod design
• Available in 5 and 7 weight options


Hardy Angel TE Fly Rod:

Model Line Weight Sections Price
9' #5 3 11 oz 4pc $1100
9'6" #7 3.5 oz 4pc $1200
10' #7 3.88 oz 4pc $1300




Vintage &








"The Angel TE ten foot, seven-weight is a dream come true. It's the rod every competition and pleasure angler will swear by in the years to come. Capable of controlling the highest density sinking lines, yet still able to effectively fish a floating line." Charles Jardine








  We recommend pairing the Angel TE Rod with Hardy's Mach II Fly Line to achieve the best performance.



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