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Hardy Classic Palakona Fly Rods

Hardy Fairchild & Fairchild Jr.
Tree & Two-piece models with spare tip. Reproduced from the popular 1930s Fairchild Rod. Fairchild rods are very light and at the same time powerful enough to kill fairly large trout. Built of “Palakona” Split-Bamboo in three Joints, with two Tops, Cork-covered Handle, Hardy’s “Suction” Joint, “Snake” Intermediate, with Agate Butt and End Rings.

Hardy Marvel
Three-piece with spare tip. Known as President Eisenhower's favorite rod, the Marvel reigned as the most prized Hardy Palakona from its introduction in 1925 to 1970. With its slow action and built-in reserve power, the Marvel can punch through the most frustrating headwinds and precisely present the smallest dries. It's the lightest practical rod to trick highly selective trout on spooky spring creeks. And the fluid feel is enough to make any bamboo enthusiast grin with delight.  

Hardy Phantom
Two-piece with spare tip. The Phantom is very strong and feels more like a modern graphite in action. During the middles 60's the Phantom was the rod to own. Designed by Jim Hardy, the Phantom's firm butt section matched to a slightly stiffer tip gave anglers the ability to roll cast long distances and drop dry flies with pin-point accuracy. Perfect for weighted wets or bushy dry flies. The Phantom balances well in the hand and becomes a true extension of the angler's forearm. Wrapped in black silks as the original.

Hardy CC de France
Two-piece with spare tip. The C.C. De France is stiffer than the norm and throws a very tight controlled loop. In the early part of the century, if you were a serious fly caster, you attended the European casting tournaments held by the Casting Club of France. It was here in 1911 that John James Hardy cast a world record 81 feet with his 7' Palakona. After the tournament the rod was christened the C.C. de France and its production spanned 50 years until 1961. Wrapped in deep Ruby color thread, the C.C. de France is an excellent dry fly rod. May also be ordered in the original tan cane colored wraps.   

Hardy Classic Palakona R
ods Features
• Two tip construction
• Traditional blonde color cane 

• Comfortable stylized cigar grip
Hardy's Universal "W" reel housing with slide band
• Rosewood ferrule plug




Vintage &
























Hardy Classic Palakona Fly Rod:
Model Length Line Sections  Weight  Price
Fairchild 8' #5 3/2 tips   $2610
Fairchild 9' #6 3/2 tips   Sold Out
Fairchild Jr. 7'8" #4 2/2 tips   Sold Out
Fairchild Jr. 7' #3 3/2 tips   Sold Out
Fairchild Jr. 7'8" #4 3/2 tips   Sold Out

 New York, U.S.A.
 With the rods which you have made for me I have taken at one cast two one-pound Rainbows and had no trouble in landing them both. You make the best rods in the world.  
  S. W. FAIRCHILD. - 1917  Hardy Guuide

 LEUCHARS, FIFE. 21/9/25.
 The “Fairchild” Light Trout Rod has given nothing but satisfaction, and I am very pleased indeed with it. It has been much admired both for workmanship and action. 
   S. E. KIRSTEN.  - 1926 Hardy Guide

 SACRAMENTO, CAL.  19/12/24.
 I received the “Fairchild” rod in fine shape, as it was properly packed, and came through in good condition. The rod is a beautiful piece of workmanship – the best I have seen, and I am very proud of it. I wish to congratulate your organization upon the ability to turn out such excellent equipment.  
  E. H.

Model Length Line Sections  Weight  Price
Marvel 7' #4 3/ 2 tips 2 7/8 oz $2850
Marvel 7' 6" #4 3/2 tips 3 1/8 oz $2850
Phantom 6' 10" #4 2/ 2 tips 3 1/8 oz $2800
CC de France 7' #4 2/ 2 tips 3 3/8 oz $2800

 I am very pleased with the 7ft. 6in. “Marvel” Rod- it is just the thing for small streams. I have killed two trout of 15 ozs. And 14 ozs. on it. The length of line it will cast is wonderful.  G. R. WILSON. - 1931 Hardy Guide 

 THIRSK, Feb. 9, 1883
 DEAR SIRS, - The fly rod you made for me is perfect. I can throw a longer and better line with it than any other I ever used; and it is so light and well balanced that it never tires me.
Yours truly,  CHAS. SWARBECK – 1883 Hardy Guide

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