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  Hardy Angel Double-Handed Fly Rod

Andy Murray is a leading figure in rod design and development at Hardy and one enviable part of his job is that he’s paid to test our products just about anywhere there are big, punishing fish. On the Angel’s ability to cope, it seems he has few qualms.

“This great double hander just has to become a favorite worldwide. It’s got the lot, everything you’d expect from a Hardy flagship model. Lightness, feel, sensitivity, accuracy, power, durability, appearance, everything you’ve ever read in a brochure. But you know what really convinces me? Why I love this rod? It’s because I’m a big fish man. Okay, I can appreciate a grilse or a perfectly formed wild brown trout and the poetry of angling, but it’s the raw power of really big fish that drives me on. To lose a fish of great size is a crime and that’s why I never use anything but an Angel. It’s just got that ability to turn the head of a big, fast-running fish like nothing else I’ve ever handled.”

Hardy Angel DH Fly Rods

• Pushing the boundaries of carbon fiber fly rod technology 
• Smooth, middle and tip action for Spey, switch and overhead casting
• Sensationally light – approximately two ounces less than comparable rods  
• Great reserves of power mean big fish fighting ability
• Available in 12', 13', 14' and 15' options




Vintage &





For a complete outfit we recommend the following accessories:
Cliff's Bugger Barn
Rising Hook File
Blue Sky Spey Leaders
Rising Lippa Rig



Tip: Selecting a DH rod:
The size of the river and the size of the fish will determine the length and weight of the rod more than anything else.

However, for most rivers, the standard 13' 8wt rod will work great for salmon ranging from grilse to 30lb fish, and 40' casts out to 100'+ casts.

With the power of an Angel DH customers can comfortably go down a size or two from the normal recommendations and achieve the same performance.

Additionally, for new spey casters over lining the Angel rod one size is a very wise choice. Casting is easier, and you can achieve much greater distances with less line out and less effort.

 Hardy Angel Double-Handed Fly Rod: Specifications
Model Line Sections Weight Price
12' #7 4pc 6 1/4oz $1500
13’ #8 4pc 7 3/4 oz $1550
14’ #9 4pc 8 5/8 oz $1600
15’ #10 4pc 9 1/2 oz $1700

The opening day for salmon on the Tweed takes place as the clock chimes in the first minutes of February. It’s an historic day, one of the most eagerly awaited of the game fisher’s calendar. This year, to mark the occasion the White Swan pub in Kelso and Hardy/Greys came together to award a trophy and a £200 voucher to be spent in the Compleat Angler at Alnwick - and all the lucky winner had to do was register the first fresh fish of the season.

Would it be Hardy/Greys very own Andy Murray this year? Or perhaps his fishing companion, John Henderson who also is a stalwart at Alnwick. John is Inspector of Rods - no, not for the Environment Agency or the Inland Revenue, but in our factory at Alnwick where he inspects all the rods before they’re bagged and sent out for sale. So it’s John you thank for the pristine condition your new rod arrives in.

John and Andy were fishing the Edenfoot beat on the middle/lower Tweed. It was a very bright day, but not too cold, and with water temperatures around 44 degrees fahrenheit.  The water was on the low side and there were plenty of kelts splashing about – all well mended, indicating they might have a successful drop down to the sea.

The Alnwick guys were tackling up with fourteen-foot
Angel rod, Cascapedia reels, new Mach 2 Plus clear tip lines and fifteen pound fluorocarbon leaders. Andy was fishing a Gordon’s Fancy in black and yellow, tied on a one and a half inch aluminum tube.

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We recommend pairing the Angel DH Rod with Hardy's Mach II Fly Line to achieve the best performance.







New- Andy Murray's - Practical  Spey Casting on The River Tweed DVD





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