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  Hardy Angel  Fly Rod


Howard Croston, Hardy's specialist product adviser and England Team Member, explains exactly what Hardy is trying to achieve with the Angel.

"Our objectives were to make the lightest, most responsive rod ever made. We wanted a rod that could deliver great performance with a minimum of effort. And that’s what we’ve done. The Angel gives great loop formation, and you can point, lift and shoot out a line with bull’s-eye accuracy. It is as close as we can get to that indescribable buzz you feel when you pick up a rod that you know instantly is made for you. The Angel isn’t just physically light – we’ve shaved half an ounce off virtually every other comparable fl y rod in
the world - but it feels light."

"So, we’ve built the best rod in the world. Where did we go from there? Well, to the guides and the ghillies of the world. We put the Angel through a whole year of trials in every conceivable climate and water type - for fish big and small. Long casting. Short casting. Baking hot or freezing cold, the Angel has been there and done it. I’ve lived with the rod for well over a year and it’s truly great. I love it. Definitely my favorite rod.”

We also realize that the best rod in the world deserves to see the world so we’ve built a multi-piece Smuggler version. This breaks down into a rod tube short enough to fit into any suitcase, hold-all or aircraft locker so that you never need to go anywhere without your guardian Angel.

• Highest all-round performance available 
• Ultra-slim profile blanks reduce wind-drag
• Low-profile internal spigot system gives improved power transfer through the rod
• Unique blend of ultra-high and high-intermediate modulus carbon fiber for incredible recovery
• Fuji SiC stripper guides 
• Ultra-fast dampening gives super-smooth loop formation and casting
• Unique anodized locking reel seat with Texalium insert 
• Smuggler version also available
• Available in 4 to 8 weight options


Hardy Angel Fly Rod: Specifications 

Model Line Sections Weight Price
8' #3 4pc 2 2/3oz   78g $925   
8' 6" #4 4pc 2 5/6oz   80g $950   
9' #4 4pc 2 5/6oz   80g $995   
9' #5 4pc 3oz   84g $995   
9' #6 4pc 3 1/9oz   88g $995   
9' 6" #6 4pc 3 1/3oz   95 $1050   
9' 6" #7 4pc 3 2/5oz   96 $1050   
9' 6" #8 4pc 3 5/8   103 $1050   
10' #6 4pc 3 1/2oz   100g $1100   
10' #7 4pc 3 1/2oz   101g $1100   

"HARDY'S" is the last word in fishing rods and tackle. Avoid the imitators who tell you the old, old story, they are "just as good as Hardy's." Your safeguard is to see that the name "House of Hardy" is stamped on all rods, reels, etc. 

Hardy Angel Smuggler Fly Rod: Specifications

Model  Line  Sections  Weight  Price:
 8'6"  #4  6pc  3 $995 
 9'  #5  6pc 3 1/9     $1100  
 9'  #6  6pc  3 1/4     $1100   
 9'6"  #7  6pc  3 1/2     $1100   
9'  #8  6pc  3 1/2    $1100   




Vintage &










Our customers are always telling us the Angel & Angel TE is the fly rod of their dreams. We couldn't agree more, from Norway to New Zealand trout to big bass American the Angel will have you smiling ear to ear!



















We recommend pairing the Angel Rod with Hardy's Mach II Fly Line to achieve the best performance.





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