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Hardy Lighweight Palakona Fly Rods
In 1997 Hardy introduced three Lightweight Palakonas exclusively for the American market. The Lightweight tapers are medium-fast & fast, with a sweet progressive action. Designed for the dry fly enthusiast or small nymph fisherman Lightweights turnover tight loops with a lower-middle to tip flexing profile. As expected the finish work is of the highest caliber and the varnish is perfect. The Blue Ridge and Catskill are excellent choices for your first Palakona.

Hardy Blue Ridge
Two-piece with spare tip. Medium-Fast progressive action with a delicacy that allows you to fish with light tippets and small trout flies on little mountain brooks and on small waters everywhere. Superb rod for pocket fishing with dry flies or any application where delicacy and finesse are important.

Hardy Catskill
Two-piece with spare tip. Medium-Fast with a sweet progressive action designed to throw a tight accurate line loop and allow delicate presentation of small dries and nymphs. Perfect for small to medium trout waters and fine presentations.

Hardy Yellowstone
Two-piece with spare tip. Fast progressive action for accurate fly placement under breezy conditions on medium to large waters. Perfect for the angler who appreciates a faster action rod or where a bit more casting distance is the norm.

MAINE, U.S.A., 27TH June , 1924.
                With all the wonderful possibilities here, barely any of our numerous manufacturers have fashioned a rod that is the equal of the British ones. My experience with the latter has been through a dry fly trout, one of your own make, which I have now been using for the past thirteen years.    H.D. POLO. - 1926 Hardy Guide 

Fishing Gazette. - "HARDY'S Split-Bamboo Rods are certainly in every way superior to the American; to praise HARDY'S 'Split-Bamboo' Rods were superfluous, they are simply faultless." - 1926 Hardy Guide

      For some years I have been using your spilt can rods, and have found them most satisfactory. I have never had a breakage, although my trout rods have been worked hard.  MORETON. – 1905 Hardy Guide

Hardy Lighweight Palakona Rods Features
• Two piece two tip construction
• Traditional blonde color cane 
Wrapped in green tipped reddish-orange silks
• Comfortable stylized cigar grip
• Hardy's Universal "W" reel housing with slide band
• Rosewood ferrule plug




Vintage &


























Hardy Lightweight Palakona Fly Rod:
Model Length Line Sections  Weight  Price
Blue Ridge 6' #4 2/2 tips 2 3/4oz $2650
Catskill 6'8" #4 2/2 tips 3 1/8 oz $2650
Yellowstone 7'2" #5 2/2 tips 3 3/8 oz $2650


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Hardy ‘C.C. de France’ Celebration Set. Only 100 will be produced. Serial number choice is on a first come first serve basis.   
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