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  Hardy Swift Mk II Fly Rod

The Swift. A bird of miraculous design, balance, delicacy and durability. The Hardy Swift fly rod has exactly the same characteristics as its namesake, except that the bird weighs over four ounces and the Swift nine-foot rod just three!

The Swift is all about high performance and fast action. The range is aimed at the experienced fly angler who is looking for extra distance, accuracy and control. Computer-aided design incorporating the latest high-modulus carbon has produced a rod capable of generating the highest line speeds and the ability to throw controlled, tight loops with ease.

Designed to cope with any situation the angler is likely to meet in fresh or saltwater, the Swift is a beautiful creation intended for anglers pushing on to another level.
  The new Swift Mkll in its stunning new dark livery is set to have the same impact on fly fishers world wide as the immensely popular original Swift. The beautiful new Mkll is very versatile at a competitive price, and that is only one reason that the Swift is loved by competition anglers, its ability to throw a tight controlled loop with ease, hook and hold a mature grown-on rainbow yet still effortlessly roll cast a short line. The Swift Mkll is diverse range provides a solution to nearly every problem from river to reservoir, raging torrent to summer stream, they are all as one to the new Swift Mkll. And now that Hardy has introduced the new Swift reel, it has an obvious and automatic partner.

Hardy Swift Mk II Fly Rod
Fast tip action rods for distance and accuracy
Unique combination of lightness and power for thrilling performance
New dark Silver color!  looks to match the performance
High performance at a competitive price
Saltwater safe
Available in 4 to 8 weight options

 Hardy Swift Mk II Fly Rod: Specifications - Free Global Shipping!

Model Line Sections Weight Price
8 4 3 2 5/8oz   81g $525
8' 6" 5 3 3oz   85g $550
9' 4 3 3oz   85g $575
9' 5 3 3oz   85g $575
9' 6 3 3 1/8oz   89g $575
9' 6" 6 3 3 1/2oz   99g $595
9' 6" 7 3 3 1/2oz   99g $595
10' 6 3 3 3/4oz   106g $650
10' 7 3 3 7/8oz   110g $650
10' 8 3 3 7/8oz   110g $650
10' 6" 7 3 3 3/4oz   111g $675
11' 7 3 4oz   113g $675




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