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  Hardy Zane Fly Rod

Hardy has a rich tradition of building innovative tackle for saltwater fishing and eighty years ago Zane Grey, the famous American author, angler and traveler was a friend of the company. We designed much of his tackle for many of his exploratory angling trips around the seas of the world. After a great deal of testing and even more feedback, we are convinced that the new Zane range of saltwater fly rods is going to prove a worthy tribute to one of angling’s great pioneers.

The key to the Zane rods are the blanks, amongst the slimmest ever produced, capable of cutting through coastal winds like a knife. A careful blend of multi-modulus fibers allows easy loading but very fast recovery – the perfect combination for quick accurate casting over any range.


On the butt section are two Fuji-lines SIC rings, one of 20mm and one of 16mm. These are designed to allow super-rapid line clearance and to funnel the line for that last powerful shoot.

The reel seat is hard-anodized aluminum, picked out in blue, to mirror the color of the blanks and to match the trim of the Zane reels. The double locking screws clamp the reel to the rod – but the fitted nylon washers mean it won’t be stuck there at the end of the day!

Zane rods are designed for saltwater fishing but are also ideal for other species like salmon, sea-trout, steelhead and even pike.

The fine points of the Zane package include carved aluminum stoppers, a glass reinforced carbon tube in translucent blue, and elegantly etched rod details. The Zane is supplied in a protective neoprene carrying system.

All the rods are 9’ in length.

The #7 is a light bonefish rod for those calm days when presentation is paramount.
It is also ideal for sea trout and sea bass in northern Europe.

The #8 is the mainstay bonefish rod, an all around saltwater classic.

The #9 is perfect for smaller permit and the biggest bonefish.

The #10 is the permit rod par-excellence and ideal for medium tarpon.

The #12 is the ideal rod for handling tarpon, shark and other blue water species.

Hardy Zane Saltwater Fly Rod
Low profile blanks cut the wind with ease to deliver sharp accurate loops with minimum effort.
Heavy duty hard wear for saltwater reliability.
Aqua blue blanks with low in-hand weight and exceptional balance
Large diameter butt rings for maximum line shoot
Anodized aluminum reel fitting with double up-lock nuts and nylon grip rings for improved hold
Carbon tube with neoprene carrying sock

 Hardy Zane Saltwater Fly Rod: Specifications -  Free Global Shipping!

Model Line Sections Weight Price

New Model - 9'



4oz   114g





4 3/16oz   118g $725 




4 1/4oz   121g $750 




4 3/8oz   128g $775 




5 3/16oz   143g $795 




Vintage &









A top choice for anglers seeking pure speed, feel and performance from a fly rod!



























We recommend pairing the Zane Rod with Hardy's Zane Fly Line to achieve the best performance!


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